Friday, October 14, 2011

We're Back, and Boy Do We Have News!

Ok, it has been quite a while since my last post. I'm very sorry, but the last 6 weeks of the farmers' market was incredibly busy. It is now over (and thank you to all who came out, it was so nice to meet you all) and I should have more time to blog and do general things, like dust my house (it was getting scary). I was also busy because....drum roll...
...we bought some land! These are some photos of it. It is about 20 minutes closer to the city, though still way out in the country. We bought 20 acres! I am still in happy shock. I can't believe we have 20 whole acres! Now, there is a bit of scattered forest on it, with mostly cedars, but there is a good 4+ acre clearing in the front where we'll build the house (and maybe a barn one day!) and, because it faces south, I'll be able to have MONSTER vegetable gardens!
Of course, since we just took all of the equity out of our current house, this land will have to stand vacant for 3-4 years, but STILL! We're on the way to having our little dream house (and I'm on my way to having my teensy-tiny farm!).

Ok, deep breath. Must calm down. I'm starting to crochet again, and once I've cleaned my office from all of the farmers' market crap things, I'll be able to get back to making jewelry again. I have all sorts of new tools and I have some new supplies on the way to make some AMAZING things. I can't wait to show you, so after I take this weekend off (and be able to sleep in past 5 after going to bed earlier than 2 AM), I'll get to re-cleaning my office and not only show you the results there, but also the jewelry that I'll make there.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I can't wait to stay in touch with you more now, I've missed you all more than you can know :)


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