Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Features: ArtisticWill Studios

Glitter Rose Paperweight by ArtisticWill
Welcome to the latest edition of Friday Features. This week we meet Haruka of ArtisticWill Studios on Etsy. Read on to discover more of this beautiful art!

My name is Haruka and I run ArtisticWill Studios on Etsy: . I create

 Sparkling Glitter Art and keepsakes. Hand painted with multiple layer of sparkling glitter in a stained glass style.
Years ago, I started painting with glitter when my mother had Alzheimer’s, being a full time caregiver I needed an outlet to relieve my stress. Now, I paint in her memory and to share her love of things that sparkle. I also create 

Illustrations, scrapbook and photography.

ArtisticWill Studios was first my husband’s company where he sold photography. I took over the name to keep it in the family, and “studios” represents our family of artists. My daughter is into anime/ manga, my son builds and creates with online buildings programs, my husband photographs, and I paint with glitter.
Stained Glass Pansys Pendant by ArtisticWill
Best selling piece: Stained glass style Iris pendant, I’ve sold several pieces. See it here:
I sell my work on Etsy, Zazzle and a local art gallery.

 I blog about my glitter art, events I’ve been involved with and supporting talented handmade artist and crafters, occasionally placing the spotlight on those 
Glitter Decorative Gold Cross by ArtisticWill
I also have Facebook pages: Facebook:
Facebook Zazzle page: 
I’m a member of The IndiExhibit, a global group of talented artists enhancing our brand with Hollywood celebrities for large award shows as Emmy’s, American Music award, Golden Globe, MTV, etc.. and charities. 
Several Hollywood stars own my glitter art and seen by big wigs in Hollywood. I’ve participated in charities by donating for raffles and fundraiser for their cause. We are constantly look for new talent to enhance their brands. I donate a percentage to Alzheimer association and other charities. 
Amazing! Please be sure to visit Haruka's shop and see more beautiful art!

Would you like to be featured? Visit this post for more info (and Yes! It's FREE!)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Features: Milusha Design

Children's Animal Nursery Art by MilushaDesign
Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Features, where today we meet wonderful artist Milusha, of Milusha Design on Etsy. Read on to discover more of this wonderful artists works and a great discount coupon code that you can use in her shop!
My name is Milusha and my shops name is MilushaDesign.  I am a graphic designer and illustrator and a mother of a wonderful 2.5 year old. I realized that I had a new desire to illustrate fun, bright and colourful art prints for children's nurseries using my obsession of patterns, specifically wallpaper patterns. Also, I illustrate and design unique prints for adults and their homes which are available in my shop. There are a million other creative ideas I have brewing…
Being brought up in a very artistic family, it seemed only natural that I'd fall into that profession/career. Both my maternal grandparents were "commercial artists" (designers) and my grandfather had a very successful design agency. I drew from the time I was 2 and it was more than just doing arts and crafts with my mother. It was something I truly enjoyed doing and my parents and teachers realized that it was a natural talent and encouraged me along the way. I went to school to be a designer and have been creating for 10 years now! It's great to finally be a part of the Etsy family. 
My sister is a pretty awesome crocheter and knitter and has taught me a bit. I do occasionally sit down and knit or crochet, albeit not very well. I greatly admire all those who can; but I am a very energetic "I want it done now" person and cannot seem to sit still to complete a knitting/crocheting project! I do draw (on paper) a lot. 
Giclee Blue Mountain Print by MilushaDesign
Since I have a very unique name, I decided to brand my shop after me. I realized that people would recognize it and most likely remember the name if they saw it again. It works very well.
My bestselling item is in the "Ode to India" series and is the Ganesh Limited Edition art print. I started out as selling children's art with a few adult pieces and they seem to be doing really well. I will continue exploring this.
I sell my work locally at a Children's Boutique in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada as well as on Etsy.
Owl ABC Children's Wall Print by MilushaDesign
I don't necessarily blog, however, I do a few posts weekly on my tumblr account. For those interested:  Here's my facebook fan page If you really dig my work and would like to support me…  
My work is my passion. I take great love, care and thought into each piece that I create from scratch. I do it because I love it and I hope that people can see that. My pieces are uniquely me and I'd love to see more and more people support me and my work. My goal is to leave a mark and become a successful designer and entrepreneur. I'd also like to say thank you to all those wonderful people that do and will support me! There is nothing like encouragement! 
Also I'd like to offer the readers 15% off ALL ITEMS in . Use the coupon code COMPLIMENTS15 at checkout. 
What a great story, and fabulous art! Be sure to visit Milusha's shop on Etsy to see more delightful and affordable art for every room in your home, and make sure to use that great coupon as well: 

Would you like to be featured? Leave a comment below with a way to contact you and I'll send you the details!

See you soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Feature: Butternut Baby™

Sleep 'n Cuddle Wrap in a Carseat by Butternut Baby
Hello and thank you for joining us in the latest Friday Feature, where a new artist is showcased each week. Today is mommy-duo extraordinaire of Butternut Baby™. Read on for more adorable photos of their beautiful item!

We are Genevieve and Mireille and we are the owners and designers behind Butternut Baby™. We are both moms of baby boys and actually met in prenatal class. We never imagined we’d be crafting and selling baby items together! Our shop can be found at
We created the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap, a unique and versatile baby blanket that will keep your little ones cozy and warm during the day, at night and on the go! 
The Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap’s revolutionary design replaces both a sleep sack that can be confining for older, active babies and blankets that seem to constantly come off in the middle of the night leaving our little ones chilly. The wrap is great for keeping your baby warm during the day while playing or relaxing because it is designed to allow babies to crawl, walk, or stand. Also, it fits perfectly in car seats, strollers and shopping carts to keep your little ones warm while on the go.
We make the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap in a variety of colours to reflect the diverse and fun personalities of babies. They are intended for babies 12+ months.
It is the classic story of a mom (or, in our case, two moms!) that could not find what she was looking for on the market. We brainstormed ideas together and eventually developed the pattern for the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap by cutting and folding the Thursday morning flyers into various shapes. Genevieve still has the cutouts! 

Sleep 'n Cuddle Wrap in a Stroller by Butternut Baby

Our focus right now is on our Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap but we have plenty of other ideas we’d like to explore in the future. Stay tuned!
Finding a unique and meaningful name for our shop must have been one of the most difficult decisions we had to make in the very beginning. So many great ones were already taken! The name Butternut Baby™ was inspired by Genevieve's childhood country home, which boasts a squash patch in the front yard. After spending days going through hundreds of names, Genevieve glanced over to one of the recently picked butternut squashes and the name came to her. She often thought that the butternut squashes lying in the patch looked like swaddled babies cozy amongst the leaves. The fresh and fun name had both of us excited and so Butternut Baby™ was born.

Sleep 'n Cuddle Wrap on Babies by Butternut Baby

We currently sell our work through our website (, our Etsy shop (, Baby Bean ( and the Valley Plaza Pharmasave in Greater Sudbury. We are also planning on attending Ottawa valley events, such as the Spring 2012 Handmade Harvest Craft Show (  

You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We will keep you posted on what is new, contests & giveaways and any other information you might find interesting. 
What a fantastic invention! Please visit their shops for more colors and cuteness!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Features: Ball Creative Designs

White Pearl Necklace by Ball Creative Designs
Welcome to this week's installment of Friday Features, where this week we meet multi-talented artist Betty of Ball Creative Designs. Read on to see more of her beautiful work...

Hi, I'm Betty of Ball Creative Designs, I create a little bit of everything it seems, though if I had to define myself I would call myself a fiber crafter above all else. Really though, I'm a Jane of all trades it seems. I've been known to do some painting (badly), and I design jewelry and stitch markers, which, let's face it, are really jewelry for your knitting.
I got started because from a young age I seemed to attract everyone's grandma and they ALL wanted to teach me something. I learned to crochet when I was in 4th grade, so I think I was 9 at the time. Then I had a history teacher teach me how to spin in 7th grade (Thanks so much Mrs Smith!!), and another teacher introduced me to knitting when I was 16. I picked up needlepointing in there somewhere from an uncle and beadwork from my mum. Crafting has always been a way for me to relax and unwind, which is even more important now then it ever has been. I joke that I should get a perscription from the doctor for the yarn I buy, since knitting and crochet has proven to be the best pain relief I've found yet.
I also weave, tat (it's a form of lace making), have been known to play with chainmaille, pottery and polymer clays, and I'm an amazing chef.
Jet Drop Stitch Markers by Ball Creative Designs
Is there a story behind my shop name? Not really. For a while I sold on etsy under 2 separate stores, Sheeps of Egyptian Cotton and iMaille and finally I just decided to combine them under one roof, so to speak.
My favorite piece would be my brecciated jasper necklace ( because of the colors of the stone (see her jewelry page for purchasing here: That's one of the pieces I've promised if it's not swept up by someone in a certain amount of time will become mine for good. Is it wrong to make deals with yourself like that? Best selling thing in my shop would be the Isis and Nile lines of yarn. These are yarns exclusive to my shop and I've converted more than one person who has sworn off of cotton yarns forever. Isis is soft, and squishy, and perfect for heirloom or baby items. Nile is shiny and strong and makes your knitting and crochet stitches pop.
I sell my work online for now, both on etsy ( and on the site I designed ( I'm hoping to start selling in the farmer's market this summer, and of course the craft shows in the fall.
2 Ply Fingering Yarn by Ball Creative Design
I blog for the shop at Also, I'm on plurk all the time as fiber_yoda and on facebook 
I never saw myself doing this when I was growing up. From an early age I knew I wanted to be a chef, and I went to school to do just that. But life interrupted and then moved on. I got sick and working in a kitchen wasn't gonna happen for me anymore. For a while my crafts are what kept me from just giving up totally. Now I wouldn't have it any other way, I love being able to do something that's been a part of my life almost as long as I can remember. I donate a portion of all sales to MS research, since I know just how horrible it can be to live with and a portion of all sales also goes to my "corruption" fund. I have a 9 year old niece who has been helping me with spinning and stitch marker making for the last 3 years, and she decided she wants her own wheel. Now she gets paid for her help, and it all goes into her spinning wheel fund. I'm considering going back to college myself, and getting the credentials to do art therapy with people who are recovering from an illness or injury. I've been known to give lessons in knitting and crochet to people in craft stores, and have given many a spontaneous demonstration as well. 

What a great woman with overwhelming talent! Please see her shops for more gorgeous and drool-worthy items here: and here:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Feature: Maxies Knitwear

Luxurious Soft Pink Scarf by MaxiesKnitwear
Welcome to another edition of Friday Features, where a new artist from the wonderful world of the internet is featured. This week takes us to New Zealand, where we meet Julie. Read on to discover more about this fantastic fiber artist from Etsy...
Hi, my name is Julie and my shop’s name is Maxies Knitwear I mainly create knitted accessories for women. Such things as scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, hats, headbands. I also enjoy knitting coffee cozies and little matching bags … they look so cute together and make wonderful gifts if you fill the bags with yummy chocolates or other goodies! I plan at a later stage to start selling cute childrens knit accessories as well.
My mum taught me how to knit when I was really little and she's a fantastic knitter. I was truly inspired while growing up; watching her create the most gorgeous jumpers and accessories for my brothers, myself and whoever she wanted to bless.
In terms of doing other crafts...I have attempted at times to create greeting cards … lol unfortunately not very successfully! 

Blue Fingerless Gloves with Buttons by MaxiesKnitwear
Is there a story behind my shop name?  Yes … it’s named after my beautiful cat Max! Max is a tortoiseshell, and she has the most gorgeous colourful coat. I love yarn that is colourful, soft and beautiful and the name just seemed to fit.  
With only 10 sales so far, there doesn’t seem to be an item that stands out as a best-seller. At present these fingerless mittens are really  (seen above) 
At present my artwork is sold on Etsy, Zibbet and via my Facebook page. Late last year I attended a couple of local markets and plan to attend some over the next few months. 
Knit Drawstring Bag with Buttons by MaxiesKnitwear
Do I blog?  Yes I do! My blog address is and I mainly share about what’s happening with Maxies Knitwear or introduce other amazing artists I find (there are some really talented artists out there)  
Here are the other social networks I'm on:  Twitter: www.maxiesknitwear.blogspot.comTumblr:   
 I have one charity that I support – my husband and I are passionate about helping Orphans in need in Asia, so 25% of all our profits go to help the most adorable special needs children. You can read the full story in the ‘About me ’ section of my blog.  
What a great shop, and for a great cause too! Please visit Julie's shop, MaxiesKnitwear to see more beautiful hand crafted items: 

...Would you like to be featured too? Leave a comment below with your website address and I'll either email or convo you :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Features: Fattidame

Martino the Camel Bookend by Fattidame
Hello and welcome to today's Friday Feature, which is going to take you all the way over to beautiful Italy to meet Paola. Read on to discover more about her and her delightful creations...
My name is Paola and my shop's name is Fattidame  I create soft art…my puppies are really soft and funny ( I hope)! 
I got started when I thought it would be nice to see on the wall a portrait of my cat, so I decided to make it with fabric, and then I decided to go on with my soft art ! 
In doing other crafts... Some years ago I did d├ęcoupage, furniture restauration, bijoux (jewelry)…I love everything I can do with my hands. 
Nina the Snail Soft Brooch by Fattidame
When I decided to start my adventure with Etsy, I had to choose a shop name! So I chose “Fattidame” that in italian means “Made by me”.  I think it’s a simple name, that remind to Italy ;)
I sell more brooches than wall art…and I hope that more and more people know and like my soft puppies ;) See my brooches here:
I only sell my work on A few years ago I took part with Filippo (my love!) in some craft markets, but now I prefer to sell my items on my etsy shop.
Diego the Scotty Dog Headband by Fattidame
Oh yes I blog….;)  I’ve just opened my new blog site: www.fattidameworld.blogspot.comand I’m on Facebook:
I usually take care of animals in my daily life…but opening my blog I descover a really interesting website: I posted this iniziative on my blog and I invited everyone to partecipate! It’s really important to do something for our planet!!
Thank you so much Paola, your shop is beautiful :)
Please make sure to visit her shop and see more of her wonderful work:

...Do you want to be featured? Leave a comment below with your website address so that I can get a hold of you via email or conversation.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nap Attack and Why I've Been on the DL

Recently, I was attacked by the nap monster. Really, I should get an exterminator in here, 'cause it happens just about every day ;)
When I awoke, I was greeted by this image, above. Arwen loves taking naps. If you say, "Want to go lie down?" Or, "Want to have a nap?" No matter where she is, she'll stop whatever she's doing (even if she is already napping in the living room), and run to the bedroom. If she feels she isn't being followed, she will stop at the bedroom door and look back, just to make sure you're not lying to her, and actually are going to follow her to bed. Then she'll jump up (usually into my hubby's space), lay down (usually with her head on my hubby's pillow), let out a huge sigh and fall straight asleep. Scratches are optional, but greatly appreciated. By the time I wake up, she's graduated from curled-up sleep positions to full-on stretched out as far as she can positions, with the occasional on-the-back position, as evidenced above.
Just thought I'd share that with you :)
As for why I've been quiet lately... well, I've been switching medications for my thyroid and adrenal issues, as well as going off of some other meds, as I've been having some interesting-in-a-scary-way medical issues. I won't bore you with the details here, but it is stressing my body, which is in turn stressing my mind and making me less than productive as my mind and body struggle to come to some middle of the ground agreement on how the whole shebang should get along and work together (why can't we all just be friends and get along???).
So that's my story. I'm sorry I've been on the DL for a while, I'm going to try and at least post some photos of Arwen in between posting the artist features every Friday, so that, even if the photo-only posts don't have much content, at least there will be cute-funny photos for you to look at and start your day with :)
Have a great Thursday, see you tomorrow for another fabulous artist feature!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Feature: Lucilight

"The Lord Will Protect You" Print by Lucilight
Today's Friday Feature is on great, multi-talented artist Lucilight on Etsy, who makes beautiful jewelry as well as inspiring prints. Read on to learn more about this fabulous artist from the Netherlands...
My name is Lucinde, shopname Lucilight, URL: make prints with a biblical message and jewelry. 
I'm a Graphic Designer by profession, that's where my interest for the printed media comes from. I've always been a very creative child. I liked to draw, write and make cards. Combining these two (graphic design and creativity) resulted in making prints and other creative things for my Etsy shop.
 I make cards (by hand and digital) and I customize T-shirts (maybe this becomes a part of my shop)
Dark Grey Pearl Bracelet and Necklace Set by Lucilight
 My name is Lucinde. When I was brainstorming for a name for my shop my father came up with the name 'Lucilight'. We already knew my own name means 'bringer of light' what is a beautiful meaning. So he said; why don't use this in your shop name? And it fits really well for my shop. I want to shine a little light with the messages from the Bible, so that's the story behind my shop name.
My Favorite or bestselling items? They would be
and These are the prints that get a lot of admirers and get pinned on pinterest.
I sell in a local bookstore and online. I used to have a (dutch) webshop on my own site, it's temporarily offline but will be back soon. I hope to make it available in English soon. 
"Do All Things Through Christ" Print by Licilight
I don't blog yet, but I'm working hard to get a blog online. It will become a part, my Dutch website. When I'll get a blog it will be available in English and Dutch.
I'm just starting so I don't make profit yet. But I'm thinking about promoting charities in the future.
Thank you Lucinde! Please make sure you visit her shop to see more of her beautiful work:

P.S. Would you like to be featured for FREE on this blog? Visit this post and leave a comment:
or contact me through my Etsy shop for details.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Feature: Kelly Bermudez

Heart of Wisdom by Kelly Bermudez
Today's Friday Feature is about a wonderful Christian painter on Etsy, the very talented Kelly Bermudez. Read more to discover her beautiful shop and a giveaway!
My name is Kelly Bermudez - Gentle Whispers Visual Devotions I use acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. I love watercolor though. My hope is to bring joy and inspiration to others through my paintings.
Before I painted, I was actually a Police Officer for about 8 years. I was Military Police for 6 and a Deputy Sheriff for 2 and then one day the Lord called me to do art. I had never picked up a paint brush until about a year ago when God asked me to paint for Him. It was a leap of faith for me that is for sure! It has been a really exciting journey so far! Occasionally, I also enjoy scrapbooking and writing children's short stories.
A Dance for My King by Kelly Bermudez
“Gentle Whispers”....taken from 1 Kings 19:12...that we hear God in the still small voice...In the midst of all the noise in the world, God speaks to us in a Gentle whisper. “Visual Devotions” because, I want my artwork to be that Gentle Whisper that people hear God through. I generally have a verse that each of my paintings are inspired from. I am just starting out, but my prayer is that my art will be used to bring healing and hope to lives. Some people are more visual learners and a picture can touch the heart in a profound way. I am currently working on, "Gentle Whispers," a painting series of a very special Love Song. …it tells of God’s great love for His people. I can't wait to share it with you!
I really like “Heart of Wisdom.” I have sold more of this print actually through Facebook contacts.
I sell on Etsy and sometimes I have people contact me through Facebook.
Spring Lamb by Kelly Bermudez
 My blog is I am currently using this blog for my Illustration Friday entries.
I am also on Facebook:  and Twitter:!/kellybermudez10
I recently painted four paintings to be auctioned off for the Sudan Canvas Project. "The Sudan Canvas Project was founded to raise awareness of the atrocities towards women in Sudan. Through the power of art, this project strives to give victims of genocide hope through trade education." - Cynthia Davis, Founder  I have also donated numerous paintings for Church fundraisers. 
 What an amazing story, please visit her shop for more beautiful paintings here:

ALSO! Kelly has graciously offered to give away a FREE print of her Heart of Wisdom print to a random participant. All you have to do is leave a comment below by April 19 at midnight EST. I'll randomly draw the winner. PLEASE MAKE SURE WE HAVE A WAY TO CONTACT YOU! Best of luck, I wish I could enter :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Features: Deronda Designs

Shades of Blue Handmade Lampwork Beads by DerondaDesigns
Today's Friday Feature post is about an amazing lampwork glass bead artist, DerondaDesigns. Read on to find out more about her incredible beads...
My name is Deronda and because it's not a common name, we decided ti would be perfect for my glass. My etsy shop is 
I play with glass and metal. The beads are the big part of what I do, but the etched copper is something that comes and goes as the mood hits. 
How did I get started? mom gave us the love of creativity and the encouragement to play with all kinds of stuff.
Pretty Pink Flowers Handmade Lampwork Beads by DerondaDesigns
 Do I have any other arts/crafts? Oh wow, have you been sneaking into my closets? The curiosity has led me into all kinds of things from woodwork, to sewing, to painting, to scrapbooking, to ceramics and on and on it goes. But glass is still my first love.
A story of my shop name? Nope, it's just my name...nothing exciting there? 
Every set of beads I make is different so it's hard to pick a favorite anything. A lot of what you might see in the shop depends on my moods. The glass has always been a way for me to express things that I can't say outloud. 
Right now I am selling on Etsy and Artfire and I have finished jewelry pieces and other things that have nothing to do with glass or jewelry at our little store here in my hometown.
Ivory and Amethyst Lentil Lampwork Beads by DerondaDesigns
Sometimes I blog a lot, and then I get busy and that you have reminded me, i will probably blog soon. It'
I do the FB thing: and you know that I am an addicted Plurker:
Her beads are incredible...I happen to have purchased the above beads, but you can find many more in her shop here:
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Treat: Ball Creative Designs

Greek Watch in Red by Ball Creative Designs
Hey everyone, I hope your week is going well. I wanted to point out a little thing that's been on the blog for a while...I accept ads on the blog for $1 per month, and my newest advertiser is Ball Creative Designs ( She's an amazing multi-media artist, who spins and dyes yarns, makes fabulous stitch markers, and creates beautiful jewelry.
Aubergine Sheep's Clothing Yarn
 Her yarns are a mix - some are cotton, some sheep's wool, some alpaca, with some silk and other neat fibers as well. Everything looks beautiful, and from what I've heard around the interwebs, they are great quality too...
I Have These Stitch Markers and LOVE Them!!
Her stitch markers are also awesome. I have the ones above and just adore them. I have to finish a few crochet projects before beginning the knitting project that requires these, but I have them on my living room table just the same (no joke, my husband is starting to think I'm nuts).

Please do visit Ball Creative Designs at her website, you won't be disappointed!

Are you interested in being an advertiser for only $1USD per month? You get a 150x150px image of your choice and a free mini feature. Leave a comment below with a way to contact you if you are interested.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arwednesdays with Arwen: Loving Animals

Hello, it's me again, Arwen the Wonder dog. I wanted to get serious for a moment, if I may today...
I am loved.
I am very loved.
How do I know? Well, my mommy tells me at least 10 times every day.
I get my beautiful fur brushed every day, with lots of petting and mommy telling me how pretty I am. When that is done, I get my pearly white teeth brushed.
I have lots of toys, from tennis balls to squeaky stuffies, Nylabones and Kongs to keep me occupied, stimulated and happy.
I get to go for walks almost every day (unless it is very cold, icy or very wet), and I get to play in my yard every day, chasing birdies and squirrels and barking at imaginary beasts. When I come back inside, there is always fresh water, healthy food, and sometimes even treats if I've been good (or just looked really cute).
But, mommy tells me not all animals are loved.
Mommy tells me that there are many animals all over the world that are not fed properly, are not cared for, brushed, walked or even talked to nicely. Many animals are beaten, starved, left alone tied outside, or even forced to fight other dogs until one of them dies.
But, mommy tells me that there are great people who rescue these sad animals so that they have a chance at a happy life. One place is called Harmony Fund (, and they are having what is called the World's Biggest Baby Shower for Animals (, where people can donate money online to help them rescue lots of animals and make them happy like me. Take the little guy in the photo above. He lives in Puerto Rico. One day, his owners got in a fight in their apartment. To get him out of the way, one of the owners shoved him in a hole in the wall in the back of a closet, where he fell to the bottom of the building and was left for two weeks in a wall, and was ignored by the residents who heard his cries for help. Finally a nice lady heard what was happening and rescued him, moments from dying and covered in sores. Now he is healthy and living the good life, thanks to these amazing people working with Harmony Fund.
Mommy thinks this is very good, and I do too. If you are able, please try to donate to them to give all sorts of animals (doggies, horses, cats, monkeys and more) the chance to have a happy life. At the very least, please try to spread the word about all the great things that they do so that others can help them too.
Please help these animals have a chance to have a happy home.
A chance to be loved.

and Arwen the Wonder Dog

Monday, April 2, 2012

Victoria Beckham's Got Classic Style

Victoria Beckham's Classic Style (center image from
Love her or hate her, Victoria Beckham's style is (of late anyway), a beautiful classic, great for the office or a well-dressed date. While many can't afford her beautiful fashion line, there are ways to get a similar look - and for a fraction of the price.

This week I did decide to show more expensive pieces, but as they are classics, these are pieces that will get literally years of wear. They will still be in style for another few decades, and with proper care, many of these pieces should last you that long too. Classic sheath dresses in slick grey, cardigans in bright, sophisticated blue, nude patent heels and sexy-simple jewelry will never fail to excite, while looking so polished and feminine, everyone will be asking you for style advice. Let's see the winners, shall we?
Lena Tweed Dress from
First, the dress. The dress Victoria is wearing is her own, in a light plaid pattern. I chose this simple, slate grey Tweed Lena dress from Banana Republic (, as it has a square neckline that will complement just about every figure. I also like that it is sleeveless so that you can wear it year-round with different weights of sweaters and get maximum use out of this dress. It sits just above your knee and has subtle pleats at the waist line, which will accentuate your waist and fit better around your hips when moving or sitting. For the perfect fit, take it to a tailor. There is nothing worse than gaps or folds where there shouldn't be. Pair this with nude sandal foot tights for the ultimate professional, polished look. About $160 for the dress.
From Left: Marie Antoinette Raspberry Ice Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace from
To decorate your person, without overwhelming your super-chic look, this great set of jewelry will go far. Each piece is sold separately, but if purchased together you get a great discount. The Marie Antoinette Raspberry Ice Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings from Little Studio ( will give you that little bit of pink, and a little bit of luminescence. Pretty, simple, stylish. About $45 for necklace, $30 for bracelet and $20 for earrings, buy 2 of the set, or all three of the set and get $5-$10 off!
Featherweight Cashmere cardigan from
To keep the goosebumps at bay, pop on a great cardigan, like this gorgeous Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan in Byzantine Blue from JCrew ( It is slightly fitted and has long sleeves, so that you can keep your arms warm with the sleeves down, or go for effortless chic with them pulled up to your elbows, like Victoria. Cashmere is great as it is lightweight, it will keep you warm on those over-air-conditioned days at the office, yet will be cool enough for most light summer days. The ultimate style-upper? Define your tiny waist (or create the illusion of one) by belting a skinny black belt around your waist outside your cardigan, a la Beckham. It screams feminine, without being too girly or too revealing. A splurge at $200, but it will last decades with proper care, and when have you ever seen a classic, fitted cardigan on a "not in style anymore" list??
Calvin Klein Sandie Pump from
Nude pumps are a must. Every woman should have at least 2 pairs - peep toe for summer and round/almond toe for winter. These Calvin Klein Sandie peep-toe heels from Piper Lime ( give you a little extra height, but will save your feet with the subtle platform. They are high, yes, but professional at the same time, and not above being totally sexy for that last minute, after work date *wink, wink*. About $110, these are an investment in your wardrobe that will get so much wear, you might just want to buy 2 pairs.

What do you think? Is this your style? What would you wear?


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