Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July's Charity of the Month: Rescue 100

This month's charity of the month is Rescue 100 Foundation. They are a non-profit horse rescue that regularly receives horses seized by the Alberta SPCA. Many of these horses are able to have perfect lives - the only problem is that their previous owners neglected them so badly they often need months of rehabilitation to be healthy enough to be adopted. This takes a substantial amount of love, attention and money. The results, however, are worth it. Keep reading to see one success story of many at Rescue 100:
The above image is of Saffiya, one of the first horses rescued by Rescue 100, in a herd of about 100 horses (sadly, not all of them made it) seized from a farm by the Alberta SPCA (they have since had more horses - the SPCA has had TWO major seizures alone this year, resulting in many horses being kept at the farm). She was so starved that she would stand like this, in the middle of frigid winter, for hours, too weak to move. You can see her belly is bloated from lack of food, her coat is rough and falling out from lack of nutrition, and she has almost no muscle, and nearly zero fat. She often had to be hand fed by the wonderful people at Rescue 100. It was a labor of love, however, as she was eventually healthy enough to be adopted, and her new owner sent a photo of Saffiya in her hew home:
What a transformation, and such a happy ending! This truly is an act of kindness and love, and as you can see, the results are definitely worth it. I wish I could adopt one of them, but right now, I could only keep a horse in the yard with Arwen or in the house with all of us, and I don't think they'd like the stairs. That, and Arwen likes to be the only one pooping in the yard ;-)

10% of the sales before taxes and shipping will be going towards this noble cause. You can purchase items from my Etsy store here: or you can go and donate directly to Rescue100 via their website here:

Images are copyright Rescue 100 Foundation


  1. Sounds like a great organization to support!

    And hopefully I'll be around your blog more again - I've missed chatting!

  2. I'm so happy that horse was rescued and has had such a transformation. I love happy endings! This organization sounds wonderful and I hope you have many sales to help them!

  3. Well now you know we're going to think that's a terrific cause! It always hurts my heart to see the condition that some of those horses are in...but wow, what a difference some TLC makes! Poor Arwen - I hope she takes to Mr. Dino the way she did to the seal (she sure did love that thing - I remember the washing machine post :o)

  4. Thank you Ruthie, I've missed being here as well :)

  5. Thanks Jen, she is doing very well and loves Dino as much as Seal, so that is good!
    I'd love to adopt one of those horses one day - maybe in our next house where we'll have the room to fence in a paddock. God willing! :D

  6. what a super cause! so glad they gave love and time to Saffiya - a truly beautiful lady :)
    thanks for helping them Meghann!
    and lovely to see Arwen's new toy - very seal-like :)

  7. Thank you so much for rescognizing the Rescue 100 Horses Foundation as your charity of the month. We really appreciate the support!
    I have posted this link to our facebook group!

  8. You are very welcome, and thank you for the cross posting :)



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