Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bulls of Catalonia, Rejoice!

(Image from

That's right all you big, hunky, masculine bulls, Catalonia, Spain has just banned bullfighting! Now, some see this as a purely political gesture to try to distance themselves from Spain (they want to be an independent state), but I, and many other animal-lovers, see this as a victory against blatant animal cruelty. No more killing of bulls disguised as "sport" - how sweet it is.
Here's one news article about it:
Let's have a big, happy MOO for that!


  1. that's great news Meghann! thanks for spreading the word!

  2. WooHoo for the MooMoos! *Laugh* And if that doesn't sound ridiculous I don't know what does, but it sure is nice to see the four-legged furballs "win one" ;o)



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