Saturday, March 12, 2011

Squee Saturday: Treating the Doggies in Need

Imagine you don't have a home. You may have had a home once, with a loving family, but they decided you didn't fit in with them any more, so you are left at a shelter. Day after day, strangers come and feed you, fill you water bowl, and maybe, if you are lucky, take you for a walk, but mostly you sit in your cage, waiting for someone to take you home. Sad, right?
Now imagine there is a wonderful woman out there, who happens to bake doggy treats. She not only bakes doggy treats, but she sells them on Etsy. Imagine a woman who also sells cookies to be donated to doggy shelters. Now you have Shari from Ciao, Hound.
This Saturday, I wanted to show you how to get a warm fuzzy. I'll tell you my story.
Every month I donate to a charity and this month I wanted to donate to a charity somehow, and got thinking of all the wonderful shops on Etsy that make treats for dogs. I thought how wonderful it would be if I could buy some doggy treats and donate them to the shelters for the doggies that don't have homes yet. Yes, I realize shelters need food and blankets, but just once, I wanted to give the dogs treats to make their day a little bit more special. I found Ciao, Hound on Etsy and immediately wanted to buy some of her delicious-looking doggy confections. However, being in Canada, I know that any food items coming from the USA can take forever due to customs. I asked Shari if she would be able to do me a favor - could I buy some of her treats, and could she then deliver them to her local shelter?
She said Yes!!
So now I am here to tell you this story, so that maybe you will do the same. If you are able to give blankets, or other required items to your local shelters, please do. But once in a while, maybe you could give them treats too, just think of yourself in the doggies' position. Wouldn't it be nice to once in a while have an amazing yummy in your tummy to brighten up your day?
I think you'd like it too ;-)


  1. I love treats :) so... if i were a doggy I'd love them too... THANKS to both Shari & Meg for doing this :)

    Oh I also want to mention that I've bought CiaoHound doggy treats myself... for a very special occasion too... Shari was very attentive to our needs & desires.

    FOUR PAWS recommendation !

  2. Thank you so much for this Meghann! This is such a wonderful idea. I'm baking extra treats to go along with the ones Meghann purchased and am going to look around the house for other things on the shelter's wish list. I didn't even think about the fact that they need a lot of other things like office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. I donated the proceeds from Meghann's purchase to another shelter who's van broke down in 2009 and is raising money for a new used one. For every $2 they collect some organization will donate $1. So, your order is doing good for 2 shelters in Dayton, OH. Thank you so much!

    Hi Nicole. Thank you for the compliments :)

  3. You rock Shari, I am so happy you are doing this. You're an official earth angel for all of those lonely, homeless puppies :)

  4. This is WONDERFUL - thank you both for thinking of the puppies and for sharing this!! This warms my heart :)

  5. Meghann - you are too sweet :) thank you!

  6. This is such a joy to read. There really ARE good, loving, generous people out there and two of them are right here! God bless both of you!!

  7. Thank you both! I'm blushing! There are many loving people out there, I think we need to concentrate more on the good news items and less on the bad to see it :)
    Go good people go!!

  8. The both of you should be commended. I wish everyone were like you two. Great to share this on your blog as well.

  9. Thank you! and Thank you everyone for visiting :)

  10. My dog goes nuts for her treats. She will even dive into a trash can for the wrappers. Since, I have been getting treats in the mail from this shop, she believes all tha packages are hers. She gets so excited, too. These treats are a great way to spoil your pupper for sure.

  11. My dogs love the treats from CiaoHound! They go a little crazy.

  12. These are delicious! My dog would probably do a backflip if he saw these



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