Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday - My New Baby!

 Woo! I got my new baby yesterday and I am so happy! I have never had a new one before. Can you guess what it is?
 YES! It is a brand new tripod! I know it sounds horrible, but though I have 2 old tripods, neither of them work and they are VERY old. Not that old ones aren't good, but man, having a new tripod where all the levers and twisty-things work is soooo nice :)
 Here it is! Well, in the box anyway. I got a stupendous deal on - it was around $50 with shipping and taxes, and it got here in about 3 days! SO impressed.
 *sigh* look at it, it's so preeetttyyy. Came with a case and an extra mounting plate and goes to up to 72" high. wooooo!
And look! In the evening, in dim light, with NO flash on my camera, I got a perfect, crystal-clear exposure, no shake, no blur, just a great little photo. All thanks to my new baby, my tripod. YAY!


  1. How exciting! I don't have a tripod and actually never thought of getting one but now I'm rethinking that! :)

    Happy Arwenesday to cutie Arwen!

  2. Tripods are SO important. You can do many things with a camera, but once you have a good, or even a decent, tripod, the opportunities open up even more. Hope you find a good one :)



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