Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Feature: Butternut Baby™

Sleep 'n Cuddle Wrap in a Carseat by Butternut Baby
Hello and thank you for joining us in the latest Friday Feature, where a new artist is showcased each week. Today is mommy-duo extraordinaire of Butternut Baby™. Read on for more adorable photos of their beautiful item!

We are Genevieve and Mireille and we are the owners and designers behind Butternut Baby™. We are both moms of baby boys and actually met in prenatal class. We never imagined we’d be crafting and selling baby items together! Our shop can be found at
We created the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap, a unique and versatile baby blanket that will keep your little ones cozy and warm during the day, at night and on the go! 
The Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap’s revolutionary design replaces both a sleep sack that can be confining for older, active babies and blankets that seem to constantly come off in the middle of the night leaving our little ones chilly. The wrap is great for keeping your baby warm during the day while playing or relaxing because it is designed to allow babies to crawl, walk, or stand. Also, it fits perfectly in car seats, strollers and shopping carts to keep your little ones warm while on the go.
We make the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap in a variety of colours to reflect the diverse and fun personalities of babies. They are intended for babies 12+ months.
It is the classic story of a mom (or, in our case, two moms!) that could not find what she was looking for on the market. We brainstormed ideas together and eventually developed the pattern for the Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap by cutting and folding the Thursday morning flyers into various shapes. Genevieve still has the cutouts! 

Sleep 'n Cuddle Wrap in a Stroller by Butternut Baby

Our focus right now is on our Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap but we have plenty of other ideas we’d like to explore in the future. Stay tuned!
Finding a unique and meaningful name for our shop must have been one of the most difficult decisions we had to make in the very beginning. So many great ones were already taken! The name Butternut Baby™ was inspired by Genevieve's childhood country home, which boasts a squash patch in the front yard. After spending days going through hundreds of names, Genevieve glanced over to one of the recently picked butternut squashes and the name came to her. She often thought that the butternut squashes lying in the patch looked like swaddled babies cozy amongst the leaves. The fresh and fun name had both of us excited and so Butternut Baby™ was born.

Sleep 'n Cuddle Wrap on Babies by Butternut Baby

We currently sell our work through our website (, our Etsy shop (, Baby Bean ( and the Valley Plaza Pharmasave in Greater Sudbury. We are also planning on attending Ottawa valley events, such as the Spring 2012 Handmade Harvest Craft Show (  

You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We will keep you posted on what is new, contests & giveaways and any other information you might find interesting. 
What a fantastic invention! Please visit their shops for more colors and cuteness!

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