Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: Planning Ahead

Hello everyone! I, Arwen the Wonder Dog, have taken over the blog again today to help with a serious issue here. Before I do, we wanted to thank everyone for all of their comments on our blogs - we might not answer them all, but we read and love every one of your wonderful comments!

Now, back to business! A little while ago, mommy asked you all how she could improve the blog and her store to keep you interested and coming back. Many of you wanted to see more of me (but of course!), and many of you also wanted to see how Meghann, my mom does what she does - how she makes her fabulous jewelry pieces, what she uses, et cetera. If truth be told, mommy is a little shy so she asked me to help her plan some lessons. The top photo is me looking apprehensive - I stated previously that holding pens in my paws is difficult, but I thought I should give it a try...
Well, OK, I'll write, but I don't want you to see it until it's done!

OK, I can't be that mean, but here are a few of our thoughts so far:
-Jewelry how-to's will be done on Mondays and will be called "Monday's Methods"
-We'll cover the basics; tools, how they are held properly, what they are used for
-Different wire types and how they are used
-Different Bead and stone types, their differences, why it's important, and how they are used
-Techniques; basics, wrapping, hammering, stitching
-Works in Progress
...And much more!

We are also working on trying to clean and organize mommy's office. It is hard because she doesn't really have a good working space, but we are working on that too!

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see so that we can make sure you are always happy visiting us. We want to make you happy and keep you interested!

Ta-Ta for now,
and Arwen


  1. Arwen if your mommy is shy then you can always show us how she makes her jewelry. That is if you can wrap your paws around the pliers :)

  2. Arwen, you are so helpful for your mom! We think everything you have done sounds wonderful and can't wait to see them! Your blog is going to be such a great learning tool and will educate everyone since we'll all know more of what goes into handmade jewelry. Of course we always want to see your cute face! And your mommy's too!

  3. This sounds great! I know I could never equal your mom's skill (I am limited by impaired vision, for one thing) - but I'd really like to see how she makes such gorgeous jewelry.

  4. Nice to see Arwen in her new position of secretary! She'll be doing shorthand no doubt!



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