Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordy Wednesday: September's Charity of the Month, Epic Farms!

Thank you to everyone for their purchases last month, you helped raise $5 for the Country Cat Sanctuary. I will be matching that and giving $10 to them. Thank you!

This month's charity of the month is Epic Farms. They've been a charity here in the past (they have a donation widget on the right hand side of the blog), and are always open and upfront about every cent they've been given. They recently had to rebuild their open air stalls after a series of violent storms ripped the roof off of the old ones (no one was hurt, but the cost is, as you can expect, quite painful).
~A Great Bookmark (I Have One and Love It!)~
Run by Jen, they have a few equine rescues that are mostly permanent residents, and are a registered 501 (c)3 charity. They have a website at and they also have an Etsy store where you can find all manner of beautiful, well made and affordable items at Carousel Horse Woodburning By Jen~
10% of the total sales before taxes and shipping in my Etsy store will go towards Epic Farms this month. Please do check out their Etsy Store and see Jen's beautiful artwork, as well as scrap booking supplies.

Please keep checking back here, I'll have the winners of last month's contest and a new contest for you to try and win great prizes!


  1. Thanks for helping the horses this month and the cats last month Meghann!

  2. Jen's artwork looks awesome.

    And what a great service you're providing.

  3. Thank you SO much Meghann! What would we do without you??? :o)



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