Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Happy Birthday Ray!

Today is my little brother's birthday! Okay, so "little" isn't a very good term: he's 22 and waayyyy taller than I am. Still, he is younger, and though I can't seem to find any embarrassing photos of him as a baby right now, I'm sure I will eventually. For now, here is a fairly recent photo of my handsome brother.

Happy birthday bro, love you.


  1. Happy Birthday Ray.

    And congratulations on having such a wonderful sister. I'm sure she'll find some picture to embarrass with with very soon! lol

  2. The sibling rules state that it doesn't matter how much taller or older they get, the title of "baby brother" (or sister) is a life sentence ;o) Happy birthday Ray!

  3. Happy Birthday Ray! He's super cute.

  4. Happy birthday to your little brother! I call mine little - and he's way taller than I am and spent two years living out of the country :P

  5. Happy belated birthday to Ray! I have a younger brother too - he is over 40 and has four kids - but he'll ALWAYS be my "little" brother :) - that's just how it works!



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