Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy Market Days of Summer

 The last  6 weeks or so have been pretty eye-opening for me. I started doing the Merrickville Famer's Market on Saturdays to sell my jewelry and gluten free, low allergy baked goods. Of course, though I know that many people have food sensitivities, the actual number of people coming to get my gluten free goodies on a weekly basis never fails to put me in awe. Thank you to everyone who purchases my baked goods, and I hope to continue seeing you for a long time to come!
It is, of course, a huge learning curve to figure out what to bake, how much of it to make, and when to do it so everything stays fresh. Baking 16 loaves of bread, dozens of cookies, multiple focaccia, banana breads, muffins and more, while making jewelry, walking the dog and fighting the inevitable invasive weeds takes quite the time management skill set, which I seem to still be acquiring. Add to that the issue that I am still trying to recover from my adrenal and thyroid gland problems and it has been quite interesting to see myself run around like a bit of an idiot to get everything done on time for early Saturday mornings!
 That being said, though my house and yard are a bit messier than usual, I LOVE the farmer's market! Every week, getting out of the house, with fresh air and (usually) sunshine, I am so privileged to meet new people and share their stories with jewelry or gluten free foods. It is so much fun! I look forward to each and every Saturday. It is a ton of work, and anyone who has ever done farmer's markets will totally agree with me there, but it is SO worth every ounce of effort. I can't believe I had never done farmer's markets before, I've really been missing out! I am even thinking of expanding to do the Kemptville Farmer's Market on Sundays next year. Hopefully I'll have my routine down by then ;-)
The one drawback, however, is that by the time I get home, I have very little energy for things like cleaning. My office, above, is an absolute DISASTER and I am posting this photo in an effort to kick my own butt and get it cleaned so that I can show you how it is SUPPOSED to look when it is all tidy and shiny-clean :)
Here's hoping, LOL! Now I have to figure out how I'm going to get some pies into my baking list...


  1. Mom and Auntie El used to do outdoor markets when we all lived in New Jersey. They said they were fun!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. I'm glad it is such a success for you -- but not surprised you are an amazing baker!

  3. I am SO delighted & pleased for you !
    I hope you will continue to love what you do and that the financial rewards will offset all that hard work. woohoo :)



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