Friday, August 19, 2011

Baking Brought to You By - My New Oven!

I love baking first thing in the morning as the sun rises over my dining room table...
 I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have had a few small difficulties at home which, combined, have made things pretty hectic. First, I had a pipe start to leak in my basement, which only leaked when I did laundry, but needed a pro to fix. That meant that for the last month I've been doing laundry by hand, in our bathtubs. Fun. Second, our dishwasher started dying a very slow, noisy, agonizing death. It didn't clean properly, it was getting louder by the day, and I ended up doing most of our dishes by hand in the last month. Also fun *snort*. Third, and most distressing to me, our oven died. Well, not exactly died... more the computer board used internally to keep the temperature accurate and even decided to do a salsa dance and make everything very unpredictable, meaning that I ended up ruining a few batches of baked goods for the farmers' markets, ruined a few dinners for Brennan and I, and then caused me to stop baking altogether for the last 3 weeks for fear of ruining more food and wasting more money.
But, just as things were looking so down, the pipe was fixed, and Brennan, being so wonderful (and probably wanting to eat) bought us a new stove AND dishwasher. I love Sears. We got Kenmore appliances on sale and I LOVE THEM! I am now baking bread, my first batch of bread in the new oven, I hope it turns out ok. Our last oven heated a little colder than what it said on the temp gauge, but this one actually heats warmer. I've never had that happen before so I am sort of learning my recipes all over again. I got some great PB cookies last night, and some pretty good oatmeal ones too. Off to bake, I hope to be back here more now that I am starting to catch up on the loads of laundry, dishes and baking that I have to do :)
Have a great day!

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  1. Ahhh... I can smell the bread from here :)
    There's nothing like Mercury in retrograde for such disasters to hit 'all at once'. Well done for getting everything fixed or replaced and hang tight thru the 26th !



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