Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Feature: Lucilight

"The Lord Will Protect You" Print by Lucilight
Today's Friday Feature is on great, multi-talented artist Lucilight on Etsy, who makes beautiful jewelry as well as inspiring prints. Read on to learn more about this fabulous artist from the Netherlands...
My name is Lucinde, shopname Lucilight, URL: make prints with a biblical message and jewelry. 
I'm a Graphic Designer by profession, that's where my interest for the printed media comes from. I've always been a very creative child. I liked to draw, write and make cards. Combining these two (graphic design and creativity) resulted in making prints and other creative things for my Etsy shop.
 I make cards (by hand and digital) and I customize T-shirts (maybe this becomes a part of my shop)
Dark Grey Pearl Bracelet and Necklace Set by Lucilight
 My name is Lucinde. When I was brainstorming for a name for my shop my father came up with the name 'Lucilight'. We already knew my own name means 'bringer of light' what is a beautiful meaning. So he said; why don't use this in your shop name? And it fits really well for my shop. I want to shine a little light with the messages from the Bible, so that's the story behind my shop name.
My Favorite or bestselling items? They would be
and These are the prints that get a lot of admirers and get pinned on pinterest.
I sell in a local bookstore and online. I used to have a (dutch) webshop on my own site, it's temporarily offline but will be back soon. I hope to make it available in English soon. 
"Do All Things Through Christ" Print by Licilight
I don't blog yet, but I'm working hard to get a blog online. It will become a part, my Dutch website. When I'll get a blog it will be available in English and Dutch.
I'm just starting so I don't make profit yet. But I'm thinking about promoting charities in the future.
Thank you Lucinde! Please make sure you visit her shop to see more of her beautiful work:

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  1. Thanks for featuring me! Since a few days I have a facebook-page:

    Love what you do for the fellow-Etsians :)



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