Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Features: Fattidame

Martino the Camel Bookend by Fattidame
Hello and welcome to today's Friday Feature, which is going to take you all the way over to beautiful Italy to meet Paola. Read on to discover more about her and her delightful creations...
My name is Paola and my shop's name is Fattidame  I create soft art…my puppies are really soft and funny ( I hope)! 
I got started when I thought it would be nice to see on the wall a portrait of my cat, so I decided to make it with fabric, and then I decided to go on with my soft art ! 
In doing other crafts... Some years ago I did découpage, furniture restauration, bijoux (jewelry)…I love everything I can do with my hands. 
Nina the Snail Soft Brooch by Fattidame
When I decided to start my adventure with Etsy, I had to choose a shop name! So I chose “Fattidame” that in italian means “Made by me”.  I think it’s a simple name, that remind to Italy ;)
I sell more brooches than wall art…and I hope that more and more people know and like my soft puppies ;) See my brooches here:
I only sell my work on A few years ago I took part with Filippo (my love!) in some craft markets, but now I prefer to sell my items on my etsy shop.
Diego the Scotty Dog Headband by Fattidame
Oh yes I blog….;)  I’ve just opened my new blog site: www.fattidameworld.blogspot.comand I’m on Facebook:
I usually take care of animals in my daily life…but opening my blog I descover a really interesting website: I posted this iniziative on my blog and I invited everyone to partecipate! It’s really important to do something for our planet!!
Thank you so much Paola, your shop is beautiful :)
Please make sure to visit her shop and see more of her wonderful work:

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