Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fibromyalgia Awareness Jewellery

~Fibromyalgia Awareness Bracelet~
~Amethyst, Sterling Silver, and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet~

I've finally finished the first piece of jewellery in a series of Fibromyalgia Awareness jewellery items! It is a one-of-a-kind bracelet made with Amethyst, sterling silver wire and Swarovski Crystals, and is absolutely gorgeous. The awareness colour for Fibromyalgia is purple so I used amethyst. The beads are smooth, tumbled nuggets about 1cm in length, and are wrapped with nearly 3 1/2 feet of sterling silver wire, symbolizing the control we aim to have over the disease. The Swarovski crystals are about 6mm wide and when light flows through them, it creates a rainbow of colours, symbolizing the light that shines from within each sufferer. I will be making more items, but this is the first, and is very special, especially as it is the only on eof its kind. This bracelet is available for sale on the website at www.littlestudio.ca Just follow the links to the bracelets page.
All of the Fibromyalgia awareness items will have 10% of the price of each item going towards charities that help those with Fibromyalgia, such as the Canadian Arthritis Society, instead of the regular charity of the month.
I will be making more items as I can, as well as putting together tutorials for teaching you how to make your own beautiful jewellery pieces! Keep checking back for more information.
Take care, happy adornment!

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