Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Keychains are Beadariffic!

~Celtic Style Clover End Key Chain and Spiral End Key Chain,
I love these stones! When I first ordered them, I knew they would be big, but I didn't think they would be this big! These are HUGE!! They could almost double as a self-defense rock. A good weight, and almost 2 inches long, it will be easy to find in a purse or jacket pocket. I only have 2 of these, and there are 2 styles: the clover end or the spiral end. They are made with African granite, which is similar to Lapis lazuli in that it has gold-like flecks in the mottled blue background. Each stone has a silver plated 'daisy' spacer on each end with a clear, silver-lined Czech glass bead topping it off. The wire is thick, non-tarnish silver-plated wire, with a silver plated chain and nickel key ring. These will each be for sale on the Etsy website starting tomorrow. Check it out:

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