Wednesday, November 19, 2008

....And We're Back!

~One of the Pieces I Made for Fireseed~

Well, let me start by saying I am so, so SO sorry for the long space between posts! I have been very busy - I started a new medication for my fibromyalgia a few weeks ago that I am now coming off (long story), and have been busy battling the side effects, plus I was honored to have Louise Ingram from Fireseed ask me to make some jewellery with her amazing beads for a show she just did this past weekend. I am now making new displays for a jewellery party I am doing this Saturday, so my time has been pretty much fully occupied!
I have lots of new pieces I want to make, I simply need the time to make them. Never fear, however, there is always next week!
Don't forget to enter this month's contest to try and win a beautiful ring!!
See you tomorrow,

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