Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Ape for Monkees!

~The Monkees Want to Hang Out With You!~

My friend Louise came over today to drop off some beads for me to make into creations for her upcoming show and showed me some beads that she wanted turned into a brooch. These Monkee beads spoke to me immediately and I thought of some great leaf beads with a blue tint that are great with the blue eyes of the Monkees. She said that she wanted them to be sort of 'hanging' and this just worked perfectly - I was actually able to make it while she watched! Using sterling silver wire I strung the Monkees, leafs beads and sterling silver round beads and made this beautiful brooch - what a great advertisement for Fireseed!


  1. Hah! We both had the same pun going there Meghann! I had a great time, it was fun to watch you make this and I have to keep looking at it I am SO thrilled.
    I didn't realise you had wrapped up a whole half of you bundt cake for me! Thank you, but that was very bad!

    Oh by the way TAG!
    You are it, I've tagged you on my blog -

    check it out, the rules are there, and feel free to poke me with something sharp if you groan outloud when you read them ;o)

  2. Bundt cake isn't bundt cake unless you share it! I'm glad you liked it and the brooch. Oh golly now I have to do this tag thing - eek! This might take a while.....

  3. That's an adorable brooch! I'm partial to silly.



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