Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Update on the Bead Show!

I am interrupting Monday's normal "Monday's Methods" posts to bring you news of a fantastic show I went to over the weekend. On Saturday I took my mom to the Ottawa Glass Bead Artists Show in Ottawa, Ontario. It was fantastic! I didn't take many photos as it was crawling with people, and I didn't want to be jostling everyone, but I did get some great handouts from various glass bead makers.
I was also very, very good in that I only bought 2 strands of faceted onyx briolettes at half price. I stayed away from the Baltic Amber chips at $22 per strand...though I really, really wanted it!
I also bought a book on chain mail work! I am SO excited as I have had this on my wish list for almost a year. This is a great book as it has great chain mail designs that are also added on to with beads:
It is fabulous and I can't wait to make some new creations with it, stay tuned for that!
I also saw my good friend Louise, who owns and runs Fireseed, her own private lamp work glass studio. She makes the most amazing beads and it was to see her and her newest creations in person that I really went to the show. She makes the most adorable Monkee beads - monkeys with different hats, different outfits, all out of glass! She even has a new Viking Monkee in honor of her newest endeavor - creating beads that are recreations of historical beads...some of them dating back thousands of years! Louise is on the right, and her good friend Jane is on the left.
I was, again, very good and didn't buy anything from Louise, though I am going to buy a Viking Monkee from her...she only had one at the show and I didn't want to take the only one and not let her clients see it. I will, however be buying it, or one like it if the original sold. That being said...
...I do already have quite a few "Fireseed By Louise Ingram" beads...I think I have an, wait, I DO have an addiction. But really, after looking at these beads, how could I not?

I had a great time at the show, seeing so many different artists, being inspired, I will DEFINITELY be back next year, and I highly recommend that you go need a vacation, right? See you there next year!

Tune in tomorrow for the FINISHED bracelet I've been working on!


  1. I'm so jealous! And impressed - I don't know that I could have been that restrained!

  2. It was very, VERY difficult, but when some beads are over $100 EACH, that does put a limit! I said only $50 there, plus whatever I wanted from Louise :)
    I managed to stick to that, so I am happy :)

  3. Oh wonderful excursion you have had....Beads galore....


  4. The bead show sounds like a lot of fun! I do like those animal beads in your photo - especially the one that looks like Arwen! Can't wait to see what you make with your beads and from your new book!

  5. Meghann thanks for blogging about the show and my beads! It was so lovely that you came out for it, I could have easily spent $100's on beads, I'm constantly amazed at what artists are creating with glass.

    I am very excited to see what you make with ideas from your new book - that looks like beautiful work in there!

  6. I did feel very bad for not buying anything at your table Louise, but, rest assured, I am going to buy a little Viking Monkee come hell or high water :)



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