Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's Methods: The Office is Almost Done!

It's Here! It's Finally Here! I got my workbench on Friday and though it isn't exactly as advertised (and don't you worry, I am still good an annoyed at that), it is together and holding my jewelry making supplies. It was advertised as a "steel workbench" and the photo showed it with a stainless steel top, but when I got it, surprise, the item number was the same, but no stainless steel worktop! However, Brennan says we can get a sheet of steel and screw it down onto the top.
Here is the worktop with my supplies on it (you can barely see the anvil and vise on the top shelf). Even better: there is a light on the underside of the shelf so that I have my workspace lit up! There is even a power bar on one side so that I can plug things into it when I get my torch, kiln and other power tools up here. I still have to get the proper extension cord to plug the power bar into the wall, but that is not essential at this point.
Here are the two giant drawers that I managed to fit most of my regularly-used tools and supplies into. One side is for tools, the other for wire, stringing materials and so forth.
Here is the bottom shelf, where I have room for my polymer clay oven, paper shredder and empty storage boxes. When I get my last set of shelves, the empty boxes will go on them so that I have my feet free to rest on the shelf when I sit to work at the bench.
Here is my office now - I have my desk and workbench snug against each other so that I can work on one side and still see (and more importantly, reach) the other. Now I can work on jewelry and my laptop at the same time, Hallelujah!

Until tomorrow, we got our first dusting of snow this morning, I'm off to try and ignore it (with many a "Humbug!", lol).



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