Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: New Project Update!

Here are a few interim photos of the new project I'm working on. This is a modified version of a project from my new chain mail book. In this bracelet, I am making my own rings (yup, all 200 of them), and then weaving them into a loose Byzantine chain mail weave...
In between the Byzantine weave units, I am attaching bead units that are actually a part of the chain weave. These are Czech glass fire polish beads in Crystal AB that are strung on small pieces of wire with their ends hammered flat. Then I take the other end and twist it into a double ring and attach it into the weave of the chain. After 3 hours of ring making, filing and chain making, I have about 6 inches or so done. I should be able to get the rest done today.

Tell me, what do you think (honestly)? Would you like it in silver plate or sterling silver, or 14karat gold filled? With different colored beads? Let me know, I value your opinion!

That's all for now, tune in tomorrow for a Fabulous Friday Feature.


  1. This is stunning! I can't believe how much work these take!!!
    I'm partial to silver...but that's just a personal preference. The copper looks great too :)

  2. Thank you! Sterling silver or silver plate?

  3. That's beautiful!! I love chainmaille stuff, wish I could wear it though. Wonder what that would cost in 14K gold?

  4. Very cool girlie...You are a natural.


  5. I love chainmaille but don't have any myself - yet. I'm partial to silver too and it doesn't matter if it's sterling or plate as long as it's shiny and looks good. I love those beads you have on it since they match my earrings you made!



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