Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Squee - The Cutest of Etsy, May 14 2011

I've decided Saturdays should be devoted to Squee. Because we all need a little happy to get our happy weekends started.

What is squee? Look at the photo above. Isn't it so Cuuuuuuute?? Just makes you want to go EEEEEEE!!! That is squee - it is so cute and adorable it kinda hurts. Like a hangnail you just can't ignore. But happy. Always happy.

Happy is good, and so is Squee. So here is my pick of Squee from Etsy this week. I Hope you like it!

Do you have an idea for a Saturday Squee - The Cutest of Etsy post? Leave the link in the comments below. I screen all comments, though, so please, no profanity, nudity, or otherwise non G-Rated links, or non related links. (You know who you are. And I'll delete you. As always.)

Have a great Squee Saturday!



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