Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arwednesdays with Arwen: My Napping Spots

Hello and welcome to your favorite part of the week, Wednesdays, with me! Arwen the Wonder Dog :)
Today is all about how to nap. I am an expert in these matters, so I will show you how I do it and where.
First, the most important thing is to make your humans spoil you - it is nothing more than you deserve! If you make sad eyes at them while curling up on the hard floor, eventually they will give in and give you more cushy surroundings.
The first photo shows my new bed, from my grand-monna and grand daddoo. They got me a comforter for Christmas so that I can lie down anywhere I want and be comfortable. Mommy folds it up and keeps it in her office so that I can spend time with her. Here it is under one of her worktables. It is right by the heating vent, so on cold nights, it is sooo luxurious to stretch out, groan and sigh. And of course, it is great to nap here too!

 Here I am curled up on my couch. Even my humans call it my couch now. I lie here every chance I get, it is so long, I can stretch out my legs (and often do!) while I sleep and still have enough room for pillows. Sometimes I use the pillows - that is a great way to get the humans to see how cute you are, and give you your way more often when it comes to sleeping on furniture.
 Here I am at the other end of my couch, napping on the top part of the couch. This is a necessity as I am also a fierce guard dog and have to be able to look out the windows at all time to watch my territory. Though the curtains are closed, I know where the openings are and will often sneak my head through them as I nap to make sure nothing is going on out there that I don't want to happen.

Finally, here I am on the bed. I like sleeping on daddy's side, as mommy sometimes takes a nap on her side. I like to rest my head on daddy's pillow and snore. It makes them laugh. At night I snuggle with mommy on her side, and she often complains that I take up more room than she does...well, it is only my right after all! But she does happily acknowledge that I keep her feet toasty warm, so she thinks it is a good trade-off :)
That's all for now, I'll see you next week for some more fun with me!


  1. This cracks me up! I love it! : )

  2. Arwen wanted me to type "thank you" and that she is "glad you found her amusing", as she always tries to be the funniest dog on the block :D

  3. You're really an expert! We're taking notes!!!

    The Florida Furkids



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