Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Feature: Zachaliz!

Teddy Bear Leg Warmers by Zachaliz
As promised, here is a fabulous feature of artist Zacha, of Zachaliz on Etsy. Read on to learn more about her beautiful art...

My name is Zacha and although I had a difficult time choosing a name for my shop, intially selling vintage items only, when I decided to offer my own designs I changed it to my It was easier than trying to figure out something cute and quirky, I'm not very good at it :)
Right now I'm working on accessories. That includes hair accessories, bags and a line of leg warmers I did for kids this winter. But I enjoy offering pretty things for the home as well. 

Aged Muslin Scroll for Art and Craft Projects by Zachaliz
I've always been a creative soul, I think we all know this at a young age but how that translates into the rest of your life could be very different. For me I neglected it and tried to fight it. Eventhough I was encouraged in high school to go to art school I went to state college instead and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. It wasn't until I lost my job last year that I was able to reconnect with this part of myself. Since then I've studied costume design and taught myself how to sew. I couldn't be happier with where this new route has taken me. I'm enrolled in some fine art courses now, drawing and painting and working as a freelance costume designer. I'm always looking to expand what I know and continue to draw inspiration from other mediums. 
My favorite item in my shop right now... hmm... I love my chevron tote bag because I have one myself and use it everyday but I would have to say the muslin scrolls. Its something so simple but I was able to play with fabric in a way that wasn't constructing a wearable product. But I have found that my teddy bear leg warmers are a favorite of customers. These were sold at a local boutique and is the only other place I have sold my items other than my Etsy shop. 

Large Canvas Tote with Chevron by Zachaliz

I like to communicate with others mainly through my facebook page at 3, 2012 I held my first game/contest. I think its a great way to interact with others. 
Supporting handmade and local businesses is very important to me. I hope that as my duaghter grows up and I continue to work on my craft that she is able to walk away knowing that was a big aspect of what I what I offer. I would love to some day be able to offer what I have learned and what I make in a boutique/studio in my little upstate NY town. 
Thanks so much for this opportunity!

There you have it, a great artist, with amazing items and great ideals. Please visit Zachaliz on Etsy today for beautiful handcrafted items.

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