Monday, December 1, 2008

Charity of the Month!

~One of the Residents of Epic Farms, Max~

A new month calls for a new charity of the month! Last month, sales weren't that great and only $0.40 was donated to the last charity, so I am hoping that with the run up to Christmas, and with my SUPER SALE going on, we'll be able to help out this charity a little more :)
What is the charity, you ask? Well, I suppose an introduction is in order, so here goes:
Please meet our Charity of the Month for December, EPIC FARMS in Alabama! See their website here:
This is a wonderful, small farm that is still in the process of getting its non-profit status (it takes forever, trust me). They do, however, give a letter on letterhead stating your donation amount if you ask them nicely :)
This wonderful farm, run by a selfless family, comprises of a few rescued horses who are gradually being rehabilitated from various traumas. One horse, name Shadow, seems to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and actually has a security blanket!
With stories like these, I am proud to be helping out in any way possible, so please browse my BOGO 50% off sale and help a charity at the same time as being able to cross people off your gift-giving list!
Also, stay tuned for this month's blog contest.
Happy trails,

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