Friday, December 19, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

~This bracelet will make anyone feel Fabulous!~

I have decided, in the interests of making my blog ideas easier to come up with (okay, we all realize I am creative with crafts, not words!), I am trying to have each day correspond to a theme ie: Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Fabulous Friday, etc. Of course, not being particularly loquacious (I had to throw that in there), I am having a hard time figuring out neat alliterative words that I could use for jewellery blogging on each day. Any ideas?
Today, however, is Fabulous Friday and I thought I'd show you a piece of mine, as well as a creation from a friend of mine, Louise Ingram.
The bracelet above is something I have had the inspiration to create for a long time. I love chainmail, but I wanted to give it a girly (but not too girly) edge. I added over 80 flower shaped shell beads in various colors, with no two shells of the same color being right next to each other (ok, a little finicky, but worth it for the color scheme!). I also made wonderful earrings to match, these with the colors being mirror-imaged for beautiful continuity.

These beads by Louise Ingram of Fireseed are absolutely fabulous in every way. She makes these delightful lamp work glass beads, known as "Monkees" in her workshop in Merrickville. She is almost entirely self-taught, which makes these adorable beads even more fabulous. She also makes the most wonderful cake testers, available on her ArtFire Store, as well as having an Etsy shop, and a few other things going on as well. You can see her website for more details. I have made quite a few pieces with her beads as main components and I have to say that these beads are worth every penny, making my creations come alive with beauty and uniqueness. If you want something Fabulous for a gift or special creation, check out Louise Ingram, the "Glass Queen" as I have now decided to call her :-)
I have more items listed in the SALE 50 PERCENT OFF section of my shop, I do hope you'll check it out, there are lots of GREAT deals! Even items that aren't on sale are always well priced so please check out my Etsy shop for more beautiful, unique items.
Also, don't forget the monthly Contest, ending soon!

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