Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soulful Sunday

For today's installment, I thought I would talk about this month's charity, Epic Farms. The white horse above, Lady, is a gray Arabian with a tumor on her belly. Arabians (particularly light-colored ones) are susceptible to tumors, and they are hard to remove because horses' skin doesn't heal the way ours does. It isn't as stretchy so it takes a lot of veterinary care to heal wounds. This means a lot of money, so I am glad to be able to help out in any way possible. This month it looks like I will be able to donate about $12 to Epic Farms. It's not a lot of money, but given the state of the economy, and my lack of sales this month, it is pretty decent. It definitely makes me feel good, that's for sure!
I am still having my SUPER 50% off sale on my Etsy store, so check it out as 10% of my total sales before taxes re donated to each Charity of the Month!

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