Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Mayhem!

~Just a Few of the New Earrings!~

Mondays are always hectic: I have to catch up on housework that never seems to get done on weekends (cleaning the kitchen, dusting, tidying, floor cleaning, laundry, changing sheets,etc., etc.), ship orders, working out (as always), making new items, planning blog posts, updating the website (that never seems to get done), and anything else the hubby needs done. No wonder Monday posts are late - if they ever get done :)
However, I'm excited about these new earrings so I had to show you! I finally got some good photos of these - just before I shipped the first order out to a client ;-)
These are just a selection of the many that I made - and I have more to come! I also got in a new order of jewellery supplies that have yet to be priced per piece and then put away - only to be used in more creations. Keep checking my Etsy Store for these new creations as I'll list a few more every day!
Don't forget to enter the monthly blog contest - see the post from January 3 for details.
P.S. The SUPER 50% off Sale is almost over - get these great items while you can!


  1. I love the simple elegance of those earrings! Lovely!

  2. These are really nice! Great work.

  3. Very pretty Meghann! I see lots of possibilities with these designs.

  4. Wow those are really nice. We're going to go visit your Etsy Store!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids



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