Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures

Today's Treasure is something I have just discovered I absolutely love: Beadweaving! I got a book a while back and never really did anything with it, as wire work was taking up every waking minute (and some of my dreams, lol), but now that I have discovered its possibilities, I am fascinated! I made this bracelet (sorry for the bad image, but I'll get better ones soon) with silver lined clear seed beads and natural pink seed beads (the pink isn't dyed, how cool is that?!). I used a 'daisy chain' pattern and then used a peyote stitch to make the toggle. It is very shiny and pretty - though small as the daisy chain is a narrow stitch. It will make the perfect dainty little bracelet for someone who likes smaller jewellery, or a great layering piece. I'll probably have this for sale in my Etsy Store soon...I'm trying to convince myself not to keep it ;-)
Who knew that something people have been doing for centuries would still be cool today?? I am super-impressed!
Don't forget to enter the January Blog Contest to try and win a very nice prize - see the post from January 3 for details.
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  1. This is beautiful! I hear that beadweaving is very relaxing (and addictive, too).



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