Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Baby It's FREEZING Outside!

~Almost Finished!~

Having blogged about fibromyalgia and it's inherent all-weather-but especially-cold-weather crappiness before, I'll spare you the repeat on it. As it is Thankful Thursday, I wanted to thank all my e-friends for their support when I am feeling so crappy - your kind words and notes on my blogs make me feel so much better :)
I am also infinitely thankful for my husband, who is very understanding when the laundry is left on the dining room table for a few days when I can't do much, and my dog, who on my bad days won't leave my side.
All that being said, this last cold snap has pretty much stopped my jewellery making as I have been so sore and tired that all I can do is sit on the couch. Enter my new favorite hobby - knitting and crocheting!
Brennan mentioned he wanted a new scarf and was actually going out to buy one when I said, "No honey, why buy one that everyone else has when I, your loving wife and partner, can make you one from scratch that will be yours and be unique!". He was mostly convinced (or I chose to take it that he was convinced, lol) after looking, no doubt, at my shining face, and agreed with hesitation, so long as it was 'cool'.
He had just gotten a new black wool pea coat (and it looks so fabulous on him, and NO that is not just because I am biased!), and wanted a scarf to contrast with it, while not making him look like a clown. Knowing he looks great in burgundy, I suggested that and he agreed. We looked through a couple of books to see if he liked any patterns and he chose one with more enthusiasm than I thought he would be able to muster for a scarf :)
I started this lace knit scarf on Sunday, having never knit lace or a full anything before. After a rough start, ripping out everything too many times to count (hours of hat because, apparently, I can't count properly), I finally got the hang of it, and now, after being confined to the couch for 4 days and hating to be inactive, I have only a few more inches to go! It's not perfect, but I think that is the charm of it (I reversed one line of purls/knits, so there is a raised line halfway on the smooth side, but as it is in what will be the exact middle of the scarf, it will probably look intentional - I LOVE those mistakes!). The stitch is called the faggot lace knit stitch (not telling hubby that for obvious reasons), and I got the pattern from "Knitting for Dummies". While I HATE the title of these books (I am not a 'Dummy', nor do I appreciate being called one), they really do make learning things you perceive to be difficult a lot easier.
Up next will be Amigurumi animals, hopefully to sell to raise money for animal charities. I'll let you know when that is up and running. If this cold snap continues, I'll probably have a small zoo of them by next week :s
Happy Thankful Thursday, and Thank You for Reading!
P.S. Don't forget to check out my Etsy store for new items, and items on sale! Also, the January Blog contest is still going strong so please enter if you haven't already :)


  1. Lovely! I have the same problem with sitting still and doing nothing. Knitting in bed is my favorite activity in the winter. You are brave to try a lace pattern first. I think it is harder than any other stitching, even cabling seems easier that lace. Kudos.

  2. Meghann, I'm really sorry you haven't been feeling well (and I know it's been COLD up there - it's cold here too, but nothing like it is there). The scarf is absolutely beautiful - I like both the color and the design. I can crochet a little but I've never learned how to knit successfully - I admire your skill! I'm looking forward to seeing the animals.

  3. Thank you for your great comments! I don't know where I'd be without all of you!
    This stitch is VERY easy to make into a scarf: use bulky (#5 or 6) yarn and 6 mm needles-
    cast on 36
    Row 1:k5 *yo p2tog k4* repeat* until 5 sts remain, k5
    Row 2:k2 p3 *p2tog p4* repeat* until 5 sts remain, p3, k2
    Repeat until scarf is desired length
    Taken from "Knitting For Dummies"
    See?? It is EASY! If I can do it, you definitely can :D

  4. OOOOOOH it's beautimous!! - what a gorgeous pattern, and the yarn looks heavenly. WAY better than some lame store bought scarf! :o) You know you're going to have to hog tie hubby for a photo in that Pea jacket with the scarf so we can get the "whole effect", right?



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