Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soulful Sunday: A Beautiful Visitor

UPDATE: The owl is a Barred Owl, I just identified it with my Birds of Ontario book :)
I saw a flash of something out of the corner of my eye this morning and when I looked up, expecting to see one of the many Blue Jays that populate my yard, I was astonished to find this magnificent owl perched not thirty feel from my office. I was so shocked I didn't move for a good 2 minutes, though I was desperately willing my body to move and get the camera. I finally did, and ever so carefully opened the front door and took a hasty shot...only to realize I had my short lens and the shot looked like I had been standing a good sixty feet away...which I was. So I ever so carefully closed the door and ran like stink to get my long lens and put it on my camera, hands shaking like mad the whole time. I ran back to the front door, edged it oh-so-carefully open once more and managed to take 6 shots of this beautiful, and very large, owl. I was shaking so badly from excitement (there is something about owls I absolutely love) that I only got one shot to turn out, and here it is, shared especially with you! I hope you like him/her as much as I do. When I got back to my desk, there was another flash and the owl was gone. I keep hoping I'll see it again, but I figure I was blessed enough to see it once and get a photo of it, I won't be greedy :)

Until tomorrow my dear friends, have a soulful Sunday of your own.



  1. Ran like stink lolol
    Its a beautiful shot, you did well!!

  2. Thank you! I am just glad he didn't move, LOL, I was shaking enough for the both of us :)

  3. What a fabulous shot! I love how the owl's colors blend in perfectly. You should make that into a framed print!

  4. What a beautiful owl! I just love owls but have never seen one in the wild. I'm sure he heard about cute Arwen and came to check her out so maybe he'll come back!

  5. LOL! I think after he heard her barking he might have changed his mind! He was very beautiful though, I am still in shock I got to see one - these owls in particular aren't supposed to be here in this time of year. How blessed I feel!

  6. How beautiful Meghann -- I'm glad you got one good shot, it's so exciting when something like that happens. I agree, there's something very special about owls.

  7. Owls are almost mythical birds, so seldom seen in the day.

    And even if only one shot came out, it is a very fine picture.

  8. Thank you, they are so surreal-looking, so imperious and majestic, simply just by standing on a branch :)



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