Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arwednesdays with Arwen the Wonder Dog: Putting Up the Tree

Hello everyone! It's me, Arwen the Wonder dog, and welcome to an instructional day...I am putting up the tree! Here I am in the living room, with all of the boxes of stuff. Okay, so mommy had to move the furniture a bit for me, and she brought up the boxes, but I told her where to put them. Come on mommy, we need to put up the tree or Santa won't leave me cookies!
Now, we use an artificial tree for fire safety, cat safety (when he was alive), and because it is more environmentally friendly than cutting down trees every year. The only challenge is that I have to put the tree sections together! How do these things go again mommy? Oh yes, I had mommy plug in the remote sensor and extension cord, and put a piece of foam on the floor to protect it. We have a remote for the sensor so that we don't have to reach behind the tree when we want it turned on. Thank daddy for that one, he's always up for fun technology!
Here is the tree, all ready for decorating. Mommy has to help with this part - my paws don't grip the tiny hooks and I also can't reach the top of the tree without jumping on it...which mommy does NOT want me to do! We are fortunate that our tree is already pre-lit so that I don't have to go around it, getting fake pine needles in my paws. What a relief!
After several hours of mommy being rather obsessive-compulsive ("I can't put that burgundy one there, there is another burgundy one close to it!"), and my careful snoopervising, the tree is decorated in gold and burgundy, with many ornaments given to us by grand monna and grand daddoo. I like the tree skirt - I think it still smells a bit like Gandalf. I also like the dog ornament that mommy got just for me...I don't mind that it isn't the right color (it is brown, I am black!), as long as I am on the tree!
Merry Christmas!!

and Arwen


  1. nicely done Arwen :)*sending you a virtual treat*

  2. I always wonderful what pets think when we put trees (real or otherwise) in the house. I think they think we're nuts. Luckily our kitten hasn't tried to climb the tree... yet!

  3. Hehehe - I didn't know that dogs could put up trees! That's awesome! LOL

  4. Arwen, you did a great job putting up your tree! It turned out beawootiful! And you are just so cute in your Santa hat!



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