Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Saturday: Playing in the Snow

As the Official Doggy Blogger for this blog, I am taking over today as mommy writes the grocery list...hey mommy?? Don't forget the treats for my pawesome self! Now, as part Husky, and all Wonder Dog, you should know that I love the snow...come on mommy! Play in the snow with me!
Here I am, trying to chase the snow under mommy's feet. She always laughs really hard at this, because I try to dig at the snow under her shoes and boots quite furiously. I do, however, like it best when people throw snowballs up into the air for me to run after and catch with my teeth. Too bad this snow wasn't warm enough...when mommy tried to make snowballs, it just stayed as powder.
I love the snow so much I get covered in it as much as possible before coming back inside! Mommy stayed at the back door to take most of these photos, as we were having a big snow storm and it was very cold and windy (to her at least, I felt nothing in my thick, beautiful, shining furs!).
Another thing I like to do is stick my head in the snow. I like to stick it right down to try and sniff any moles, voles, mice, squirrels, or anything else that might be hidden under there. I sometimes bury my head right down until it is covered by the snow! Then I jerk my head up and stand on three legs. Here you can see I was eating some snow, as is evidenced by my snowy beard. Never fear! I'm still a girl! I just like getting covered in snow, rah rooh!
Here mommy caught me with a face full of snow. Sometimes, if the snow is warm enough, I get a little snow ball stuck on the tip of my nose, which never fails to put mommy into hysterics. I don't see what the big deal is, I'm just playing!

I hope you have a fun Saturday, but as for me, I am off to run around some more in the snow!
and Arwen


  1. Terrific post Arwen! The pure white of that snow shows you off to good effect.

    You have a lot more snow than we do, at the moment, so I'm sure glad you know how to enjoy it.

    Say "Hi" to your mommy for me.

  2. Arwen, you look like you're having a blast!!!

  3. You are so cute, Arwen! Enjoy it!

  4. Thank you so much everyone! I was playing in the snow today, and I also started doing something I shouldn't do, that I do every year in the totally grosses mommy out, but I try to eat my...well...leavings...once they are frozen. Mommy got quite mad and brought me inside when she saw me trying to do that today, so I didn't get to play that much :(

  5. Arwen, you are just so cute playing in the snow! It might be best though if you just look for critters buried in the snow rather than stuff you left there yourself so your mommy lets you play more.



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