Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds: k9artgallery on Etsy

I love Etsy. I can find anything and everything I could ever possibly want to purchase - and then some! This artist, DJ Rogers, who sells on Etsy as k9artgallery, is absolutely incredible. The images really come alive, especially with the artist's point of view in many of the pieces. I love this piece, above. Arwen was lying on the floor this morning, with her head down, and lips flaring out just like this dog. It always makes me laugh when she does this, I love the way their mouth goes all floppy when they get tired!

Anyway, please do check out k9artgallery's Etsy shop, they have MANY different dog breeds, as well as cats and other wildlife in stunning realistic prints for just $12.50 each!


  1. I will Meghann. It is an amazing picture.

  2. Such a sweet print! I hearted that shop awhile ago and always smile when going through all the different cute prints. Of course, Arwen is even cuter!

  3. I love that shop - the watercolors are beautiful! Hope you, Arwen, and family are doing well.



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