Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arwednesdays with Arwen the Wonder Dog: Sleepy!

Arwen the Wonder Dog here, with some good news: my mommy got a part time job that lets her work from home! She is working for an IT company and I know that with the income she earns she'll buy me lots of treats! Okay, okay, she'll pay bills and adopt Polar Bears (see our Monday post), but I know treats will be in there too!

In the meantime I'm enjoying the warmer weather we are having now and staying outside as much as possible to chase squirrels...I mean, smell the air and enjoy the sunshine. When I'm inside, though, I pretty much nap all the time, preferably surrounded by my toys (the more the better). Mommy doesn't want to miss blogging to all of you, but we had to let you know just in case we are missing for a few days and you were wondering. Never fear, mommy is working to buy me treats and adopt polar bears...I just hope they don't sleep on my side of the bed!

That's all for now,

and Arwen


  1. Congratulations to your mommy for her new job! We're sure she'll get you lots of treats with her green papers (are they green in Canada?)! Enjoy your warmer weather!

  2. Congrats to everyone..Thats what I do from home. Its nice when pain restricts...You go girl woot woot...xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Congrats to your mom's new job! That's sound great for you, that she will have time to take care of you at home more :)

  4. Yes Congratulations to your Mum Arwen, It will great having your Mum at Home more, I love having my mum at home with Me , Woofs ..Prince

  5. Hooray for your mom getting such a great job where she can work from home!!

  6. YAY for you both - Meghann on the job and Arwen on the yummies (which will be coming soon to a tummy near you - hee :o)



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