Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Methods: Making a Furry Dog (Slightly) Less Furry

It is me, Arwen the Wonder Dog blogging today as mommy is busy with her job. Today we will start to examine why the sun, plus warmer weather, plus a VERY fuzzy dog (me) equals fur going everywhere! In mommy's clothes, on the furniture, in her mouth, EVERYWHERE! I love getting brushed (I will relax until I start to drool, and have even started to fall asleep standing up, only to jerk myself awake when I start to fall over) and I love the treats at the end even more! Here we prepare with horse grooming brushes (dog grooming brushes are laughable with my fur), and I've taken off my collar. I am trying to give my coy look...
Here mommy is brushing my side. I decided to lie down for this photo as I was tired from running around chasing, I mean, looking at the squirrels in the back yard.
Here is some of the fur that mommy got out in about 3 minutes. The dots are water as I am very static-y right now. Mommy will have to continue brushing me every day for about 2 weeks (and sweeping the floors twice per day) until all of my winter coat is out. Believe it or not, by the time I am done shedding, I will have lost over 1 POUND of fur! Every year it is the same thing, mommy brushes me and swears that THIS will be the year that she makes a coat out of my winter furs, but she never does. It is good though, my furs are one of a kind and should NOT be replicated ;-)
Here I'm getting my treat as a well-earned reward for being so good while mommy brushed me. We wanted to also show you me getting my teeth brushed, but mommy says she needs both hands to hold onto the tooth brush and keep me from swallowing it (I LOVE beef flavored toothpaste for doggys). Sorry, but for now, this will have to do :)

Hugs and nose taps,

and Arwen


  1. You really are a Wonder Dog Arwen! When our sisfur Sadie gets brushed you'd think she was being abused big time cause she whines the whole time. She hates to be brushed or bathed or any of that and it's pretty embarassing the way she acts like a baby. She does like being told how pretty she is afterward and she gets a treat too. We get treats for having to listen to her whining and complaining the whole time!

    Angel & Isabella

  2. And don't you look all pretty and shiny with your very unique fur coat Miss Arwen! :o)



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