Friday, May 9, 2008

Gold Spiral, Blue Glass and Swarovski Crystal Necklace

~Whole Necklace on the Left, Bead Detail at Right~

This necklace was in my head the moment I saw these lentil-shaped blue glass beads with gold foil in them. Normally, I buy my beads from a few very reputable online suppliers to get quality and good value that I can pass on to my clients, but a friend of mine knew of a little store in Ottawa that sold beads and jewellery supplies and had to show me. Good thing she did - I got these high quality beads and a few others too. It took a while to complete as my Fibromyalgia has been really bad pain-wise, but it was worth it - this necklace is stunning! The design for this necklace just popped out at me immediately. It's very Celtic in style - being blue and gold and spiral-laden - but I could picture someone (preferably myself!) in the sun on a yacht off the coast of Monaco wearing this necklace. Ho hum, nothing better to do than tan with gorgeous jewellery and hob-nob with the rich and famous. This necklace is so classy, but you really could just wear it to the beach with a bathing suit and towel, out to dinner with friends, to work to make you feel fabulous, you get the idea. The clasp is a custom-crafted spiral-based hook-and-eye closure that is very secure. The chain is comprised of 2 inch pieces of gold wire that are spiraled on each end with a blue Indian glass bead in the centre of each piece (the Indian glass beads are great because they occasionally have little silver flecks that actually look golden and match the foil-laden large blue beads - too convenient!). Each individual link ends up being about 1/2 inch in length. The links are then connected with gold-plate rings. The gold-foil blue beads, gold-plate beads and Swarovski crystals in "Dark Sapphire" are strung on jewellery wire, and then attached to the custom spiral chain, but first the gold-foil blue beads had 14karat gold-filled wire strung through them and coiled around the front for an extra bit of oomph. I really like how the gold wire frames the beads and brings out the gold foil embedded inside them. Over 5 feet of wire was used on this necklace!
This necklace is now for sale on the website, check it out at
I have plans for the few remaining blue beads, so check back soon (hint - it'll be a bracelet!).
Take care everyone, I hope you have a sunny day! As always, I'd love your comments and suggestions.

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