Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Earrings!

~Top, From Left to Right: Sterling Silver Chandeliers with Garnets and Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver and Brushed Silver Curved Tube Dangle Earrings, Bottom: Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal and Czech Firepolish Glass Heart Loop Earrings~

So I was busy yesterday, trying to get housework done and failing miserably when my hips went into spasms (thank you again Fibromyalgia), so I made earrings instead! I have had requests for more chandelier earrings and thought that I would try and deliver.
I first made some really sexy chandeliers from a custom-crafted sterling silver bead frame. I suspended one-inch sections of fine sterling silver chain and from the chain I hung real garnet beads and centered a Swarovski Crystal on each earring. They are so light and swingy!
Then I thought, well, why not make something a little different? So I took some brushed silver curved tube beads and strung a small silver-plated bead at each end of the tube and hung three from each earring for a really cool look. Very sleek, yet understated so you stand out - not your jewellery.
Finally, I have been wanting to make a heart-style chandelier earring with a Celtic feel, and these deliver! I hand-twisted sterling silver wire into a heart shape and then hung Swarovski crystals and Czech firepolish glass beads. They are classy and pretty, and just too neat!
I really like making earrings, as they are something that almost every woman can wear all the time. If we're feeling a little blue, we put in a pair of fabulous earrings and feel a little better. And they are affordable so almost anyone can have a pair...or two....or ten (yes, I'm talking to YOU mom!). There is a style of earring for every mood we could ever possibly have - sexy, shy, classic, happy, artsy, etc., and the possibilities for creating more is endless!
These are all for sale on the website at:
I hope you like them,

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