Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Check This Out!

~A New Bracelet I Call My "Impressionist Lampwork Bracelet"~

I am so fortunate to have just met the wonderful lampwork bead maker Louise Ingram who lives near me (see her Etsy page and her Website). She made me some gorgeous beads earlier this month (they are still waiting for just the right silver beads to be assembled into something fantastic) and we had talked back and forth about doing some trades so I could get beads and she could get jewellery findings made by me. I am so lucky that she came over yesterday, as she brought her "unique design" beads (beads that turned out differently from her original intentions) to show me. The beads in the bracelet above were actually in this pile and I couldn't believe my luck when I found enough of them to make this gorgeous bracelet! We had a lovely afternoon chatting about beading ideas, she got some ear wires made by me and I got a whack-load of gorgeous glass goodies! I'll keep you posted on the other fantastic creations I make with these beads. Visit her website for even more incredible creations!
I created this bracelet by combining these beads (I think they look like an impressionist painting - Monet eat your heart out! If he could have made glass beads this was what he would have created!) with beautiful clear Swarovski crystals, gold plate beads and jump rings, gold filled beads and lobster clasp. I finished it off with a dangle of one of the beads I had left over (you can't just leave the little guy homeless) for a little extra sparkle. This is just stunning and ONE OF A KIND!!! Get it while you can! I'll be listing this little gem on my Etsy store today, so check it out - www.littlestudiojewels.etsy.com The 20% off sale still applies!!
Also check out a new section soon to come where I'll be selling hand crafted findings and beads that I haven't used in a little bit but are still fabulous to use.
That's all for now, see you later!

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