Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lots of New FibroAware Jewellery!

~All of the Beautiful New FibroAware Jewellery~

So yes, I've been busy! Etsy teams and making jewellery and birthdays and so much more, I am surprised I haven't been absent on the blogger front for longer. That being said, I am so excited to show you my new additions to my FibroAware line of jewellery. This line is made to shed light on those suffering from Fibromyalgia, as I myself do every day. Many are unable to work outside their homes (myself included), and some are unable to work at all. This line is devoted to pledging 10% of the total sales before taxes to charities that help those with Fibromyalgia. Not only is it a good cause, this jewellery is gorgeous too! These newest items are made from sterling silver wire and amethyst, or other purple beads, as purple is the colour for fibromyalgia awareness. The earrings are made from dark amethyst bead drops, and Czech glass fire polish beads in "crystal" for the center of the earrings. I used the crystal to represent the tears that we sometimes shed, and the fibromyalgia purple amethyst to represent the community of fibromyalgia sufferers and supporters rallying around. The newest bracelet and necklace are made from two types of amethyst - light and dark in such beautiful, contrasting shades, it makes you wonder that something can come in so many different, and beautiful, colours. The light shade is almost a drop-style of bead in that it is quite long in relation to its width, and you are able to carefully spin them so that it can look very sleek with the beads facing one direction, or edgy with them facing different directions. The dark shade is a great contrast. The sterling silver beads make the whole thing really pop! The ring is made from sterling silver wire, hand coiled into a Celtic style of ring with small amethyst nuggets nestled between two Swarovski clear Crystal bicones. Very sparkly and pretty, this is made to be on your thumb, but I can make similar ones to fit your fingers.
All of these (and more to come!) are available on my Etsy store at: - Don't forget that between September 15-30 Etsy for Animals is having their birthday bash and you will bet 20% off everything in our participating stores with the coupon code "LITT"! Start your holiday shopping then and you will have it out of the way in good time, supporting local artists - and saving money while you're at it.
I hope you visit and thank you!

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