Monday, September 22, 2008

We're On Flickr!

~Thought I'd Try Something New for This One!~

Welcome Back! In addition to all of the other things I am currently trying to do to promote myself and my business (Facebook group, Etsy, iCraft, Blogger, my website, Ruebee, etc, etc.) I thought I would add something else - Flickr! I am now on Flickr HERE
I also have a few new items on my Etsy page (as expected, I didn't make any jewellery yesterday, but only because I was helping Brennan with his IT consulting stuff and we were out for 6 hours!), and more to come soon.
The Etsy for Animals Birthday Bash 20% off sale is still going strong, so get your discounts while you can by using the coupon code "LITT" in the 'Notes to Seller' when you check out.
Great news! I am donating some items to the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary's Annual fundraising Auction! You can visit their website to find out more about them here:

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