Monday, October 6, 2008

Inspiration, Perspiration, Genius!

~The New Sterling Silver and Lamp Work Glass Bracelet~

I finally got around to making the first piece of jewellery with the custom beads my new friend Louise Ingram (of Fireseed fame) made for me last month. This was the fantastic result after a few hours of finger cramping labor - and I love it! It is absolutely a dream to wear as it hugs your wrist and isn't too large and flashy, nor is it small and unnoticeable.
I took about 3 feet of sterling silver wire and hand wrapped 3 strands together, stringing the lamp work glass beads with sterling silver round beads on the middle strand. I took the outside wires and formed them around the center beads so that the wires would follow the contours and sort of cradle the beads, while still allowing them to spin when not being worn. I then lightly hammered the exposed wires to give them a flat, hammered finish. The great thing I love about this bracelet is that the clasp is actually a part of the bracelet itself - not an added piece. I took the long wire ends and formed them into an asymmetrical hook and eye clasp to go with the asymmetrical coloring of the focal bead. Gorgeous!
I will be listing this bracelet on my Etsy Store later on today so get it while you can - this bracelet is one of a kind and won't last long!
Happy shopping!

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