Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Was a Success for the Pigs!

~A Picture from "Hearts on Noses - A Mini Pig Sanctuary"~

I have to give a big "Oink" (that's Thank You! in pig language!) to all my wonderful clients this month for helping raise $20 towards the Charity of the Month: "Hearts on Noses - A Mini Pig Sanctuary". Your purchases mean a lot to this small charity devoted to making a difference in the lives of abused, neglected and abandoned mini pigs in B.C. Thank you also to all those who took advantage of my 20% off sale -it's over now, but I'll have other great savings and prizes coming soon.

Keep an eye out for our October Charity of the Month, (I'll be posting that tonight), as well as blog contests!
That's all for now, thank you again and have a great, pig-filled day!

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