Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Little Bit of Sparkle

~....Love It!!~

I made this using one of the lamp work glass pendants that Louise Ingram of Fireseed made for me last month and wow do I ever love it! She made the pendant and four spacer beads with her wonderful lamp work glass skills, adding silver in them to give them a beautiful organic look. This is so pretty that I wanted to keep it for myself, but, alas, it must go to a home that will love it and let it see lots of people so it can be admired as it should be. I found some beautiful striated jasper stones to go with the pendant and spaced them with sterling silver beads to bring out the silver in the pendant. A sterling silver toggle clasp finishes the necklace off with style. This is One of A Kind so get it while it lasts! It is now for sale on my Etsy Jewellery Store.....okay.....GO!


  1. The jasper stones work so perfectly with these beads Meghann! I'm proud to be part of your creation ;o)

  2. The pendant as well as the necklace are just beautiful!



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