Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday: Ringing Bells for Barry

~We Don't Have Bells, But Arwen's Collar Jingles and That is What We're Using to Support Barry at 2PM Today~

It's been a rough year for Barry, over at An Explorer's View of Life. He first found a problem with his throat upon choking on a chicken bone at a restaurant. Fast forward nearly a year, he's been diagnosed with incurable throat cancer which has metastasized to his spine and hip, his mother in law passed away, and his own mother is very sick. Through it all, Barry has come through with raised spirits, positivity, and a unique glimpse into the life of someone dealing with their own mortality in a very unique situation.

However, today gives Barry something to cheer about, and allows us to cheer him on. At 2 PM today, hundreds of people will be ringing bells to commemorate Barry's last dose of Chemotherapy and Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. The hospital erected a bell in their lobby for cancer patients to ring when they finish their last treatment, and so hundreds of us from around the world will also be ringing bells to cheer Barry on.

Arwen and I will be ringing Arwen's collar, since we don't have a bell. Arwen wanted to get in on the action so we will be shaking her collar, resplendent with metal tags that make a jingling sound every time she moves.

Here's to you Barry, keep fighting, we'll be right here in your corner, ringing bells for you!

and Arwen


  1. I was ringing my bell and I thought I heard your jingles in the distance...

  2. Thank you Arwen and Meghann. I am completely overwhelmed by all this support!

    Bloggers are amazing people!

  3. You deserve it Barry - you reap what you sow and as you have sown kindness and unity, so you are getting it. Never was bell-ringing so deserved :D

  4. I saw this too late but am sending best wishes and thoughts to Barry.

  5. What a wonderful idea! We took sparkling grape juice and plastic champagne flutes to my last treatment and toasted the IV pole *laugh*. It was silly, but that final treatment is definitely a moment to be marked. Congratulations Barry!

  6. Arwen, you look beautiful! I am also sending my strongest purrs to your friend Barry.

  7. What a wonderful idea this is! We'll send purrs and prayers to Barry too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    pee ess - Mom says to tell you that Cousin Trooper's flowers were all edible!



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