Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Friday: NeoAmour Marie Antoinette Jewelry Set

This is part of my new NeoAmour Collection - Based on Powerful Women of the Past, Redesigned for Women Today.
Inspired by the femininity of Marie Antoinette, I decided to make a beautiful necklace with Swarovski Crystal pearls in 'rosaline' (pink) and clear, silver-lined Czech glass seed beads. I started off with a dainty Daisy Chain stitch and made the necklace base a little over 15 inches long. I then came back and made small loops with more seed beads and Swarovski pearls to add dimension and swing:This captures the light, and emphasizes the neckline (and looks heavenly with strapless anything).During Marie Antoinette's time, there weren't many clasps to be found, and ribbon was often used as a closure for necklaces and bracelets (it looks more feminine anyway!). I sewed pink ribbon onto the ends of the necklace, sealed all the ribbon ends with clear fabric glue to keep it from unraveling, and used more of the seed beads to hide the stitches on the front side:Despite the weight of the necklace, the ribbon closure was perfect for this necklace as it also adds a bit of variability to the necklace - you can adjust it longer or shorter by tying the ribbon closer or further from the base of the necklace. I would recommend doing a 'double bow' when tying it to make sure it doesn't come off - just tie a bow as usual, and then knot the bow again to make it extra secure.
There is a matching bracelet, but this post is getting very long, so you'll have to wait on pins and needles for it to debut here tomorrow!
This necklace will be for sale starting today on my Etsy store, under the NeoAmour Marie Antoinette section in my shop.
Also, my TREASURY to help Epic Farms is expiring soon - please go look and click on the items and comment in the comment section to help this wonderful horse rescue.
A demain, mes cheries,


  1. Wow, it is a gorgeous artwork. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work & for your lovely visit :)

  2. Thank you! I am very excited about this new collection and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.
    I'm putting so much time and effort and having such a wonderful time doing this, I really hope it translates to the pieces :)

  3. That is incredibly beautiful! What a creative woman you are! I love it - especially the ribbon - gives it more of an authentic feel. Really, really beautiful!

  4. Obviously fit for a Queen.

    I can only imagine the hours of work that must have gone into creating this!

  5. So gorgeous, feminine and delicate! Love it!

  6. Oh my goodness, I bet she wore something JUST like this when she said 'Let them eat cake!'.
    It's beautiful Meghann!

  7. Thank you so much! I loved making it, though, yes it did take a while, lol.



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