Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures - My mom is Here!

~Red Trillium in My Forest~

I'm sorry for the absence the last few days - my mom is staying over with me while Brennan is away and we have been busy visiting! Last night we played Monopoly for 4 hours and it only ended in a draw when we were too tired to continue. I will hopefully get us out in the garden today as it will be sunny and breezy - warm enough to work outside without the bugs that are plaguing my every move! I'll try to be more conscientious in my posts, however, and let you know what we are doing :)
Off to work out, and maybe get some jewelry done,


  1. Don't worry about posting when your mom is here - family is more important. My mom and sister are coming this weekend (I can give my mom her quilt instead of having to mail it, which always makes me nervous!) - I completely understand.

    The trillium is beautiful!

  2. Have a nice time with your mum Meghann!
    In our family Monopoly equals fights!
    every time!!
    and I have a photo to prove that I was a winner once!!!

  3. Enjoy your visit with your mom and we'll still be here later so don't worry about posting!

  4. You should enjoy your time with your mom. Go out to place, take a lot of pictures and have fun while you can. But make sure you keep them priceless pictures backed up. I use Safecopy backup, www.safecopybackup.com, to back up all pictures and data files. I can backup USB drives, share files and backup both my Mac and PC with one account.

    For me SafeCopy is a perfect fit. It might be worth checking out. Good luck!!

  5. Have a lovely time with your Mom! I agree with Miskat - family is most important!

  6. Hi Meghann,
    You made a lovely comment on SplitRockRanch blog about my needle felted sculptures, thank you! I read some of your blog, the jewelry is very nice, but I couldn't help but feel sad when I read that you have fibromyalgia, I too was told I have that, I refused to accept that diagnosis and I began an amazing nutritional program to help me with several health challenges, so I will share that information with you, the email to contact if you would like to find out more would be wehelpothers@hotmail.com and tell him that Karen Clothier told you to contact him, Dave and Tammy Prehoda is their name. I hope that can help you Meghann~ Many Blessings
    Karen Clothier
    my email is gooddays@roadrunner.com if you should like to contact me!



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