Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Treasures - A Present from Scotland!!

~A Package from Scotland, Oh My!~

A few weeks ago I did a small feature on Annette from DragonHouseofYuen on Etsy, and said that I was waiting for some bunnies of my own, made by her. They actually arrived not long after that post (amazing how fast the mail is worldwide now!), but I've been unable to show you all of the goodies until now! Here was the package once I opened the beautiful wrapping:
She sent a Thank-You card for my purchase (so very polite!). You can see my two bunnies, Fallow (Left) and Sally (right). The craftsmanship is incredible, and the fabrics are very thick and sturdy. What a great change from cheap, mass-produced store-bought things! These soft sculptures will last for decades, and look great too! They are also usually made from reclaimed (often vintage) fabrics - a great way to cut down on waste and look good doing it :)
But what's this? There are a few other things, also!
First was a very pretty bunny bookmark:
Then I saw the little story cards about each bunny:They tell each bunny's story and what their personalities are like. Sally (the pink) likes to spend her days with flowers and tall grasses, while Fallow likes to play with deer.
Then I got to the beautiful handmade bunny cards. One is for Valentine's Day and the other is for Birthdays:
The paper is so thick and creamy to the touch, and the bunnies are so darling, I don't know if I want to give them away or frame them! They each come with matching envelopes and large-sized gift tags also - what incredible value for money! These are a gift in themselves, and I am so happy to have them!
Here are Sally and Fallow playing hide and seek on my living room ledge. Fallow has now gone to live with my mom, who couldn't be happier with the arrangement. Now all Fallow has to do is avoid my mom's cat on the way out to the back yard :)I hope you liked these great things from DragonHouseofYuen. There are so many more great art items in Annette's store, I really do recommend you check them out!


  1. Those bunnies are so cute and all the goodies in the package are wonderful! The quality comes through and the care put into everything does too!

  2. Meghann, it was my pleasure to send these two little furries your way :)
    and I am glad Fallow has found her forever home! She actually loves cats alot too - and is looking forward to have lots of spiky cat tongue grooming!
    Sally - I can see, is completely at home!
    with kindest regards,

  3. Annette's packages are always amazing! Receiving one is like getting a very special present. I love her cards, and the bunnies are beautiful!

  4. Those are adorable! And the craftsmanship and packaging are wonderful.

  5. What a lovely package and beautiful contents. Annette is quite talented it seems! Pretty blog :)

  6. Thank you so much! Please do visit Annette's shop, and tell her I sent you!



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