Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sweet Saturday: A Stroll With Epic Farms

Today I thought I would take a stroll over to Epic Farms, who happens to be my charity of the month (and a great friend also!). Jen is a wonderful artist, breast cancer survivor, and horse rescuer extraordinaire (sometimes when she doesn't even intend to be, lol).
I have purchased several items from her and I have to say that everything is high quality, beautiful, well packaged, affordably priced, and goes to a great cause - her 501(c3) charitable-approved horse rescue!Located in Alabama, her farm has recently had a few difficulties - the recent heavy rains have increased their already problematic erosion problems to the point that they have had to go out on several occasions and do emergency hole filling, and a few of the holes are going to have to be back filled. To add insult to injury, a recent storm ripped the roof off of two of their horses' stalls, and you have a real need for funds! I wanted to show a few of the pieces available for sale, but I also wanted to direct your attention to the right hand column of my blog - if you scroll down a bit, you will see their widget to direct you to their fund raising page on FirstGiving so that you can also donate directly if you would prefer.
Jen doesn't know I have profiled her on my blog today *wicked grin* but in addition to telling you of her farm's needs, I really wanted to show you some of her work, as it is just gorgeous :)

Please do stop by her Website, Blog, Squidoo Lens and most especially her Etsy Store....and don't forget to always "Live, Love, Laugh" as the items above show you!
Have a fantastic Saturday!


  1. No she certainly didn't know what you were up to this morning! Thank you Meghann for your kind comments and generous support ~ what on earth would we do without you??? Horsey hugs and happy thoughts to you and yours...Jen & the rest of the herd at Epic Farms

  2. Wonderful feature on Epic Farms Meghann! It's wonderful what Jen is doing for horses!



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