Friday, June 12, 2009

Freaky Friday - Oh Man, I've got BUGS!

He Looks Kind of Curious, Don't You Think?

While locking my front door before I went to bed last night, I had a peak at all the bugs swarming on the front step and around the lights, as I had heard quite a bit of banging around. I figured it would probably be a bunch of June bugs - you know, brown, big, kind of stupid and clumsy, but oh so cute, banging into my door after being blinded by the lights (lol). I was incredibly surprised, therefore, to find myself staring down at a giant moth. And I mean GIANT! I had only seen them this large at the natural history museum, as, apparently, moths this large aren't supposed to be able to survive in our cooler climate. Apparently they can! I couldn't help but take a few photos, even though opening my front door meant a wave of nasty bugs coming into my house. Here's the moth near my hand for reference:
That was about as close as I wanted to was a bit scary being so close to something so big that could get caught in my hair *shudder*
Then I looked to the left, and found this little guy sitting on my watering can:
He's got something stuck on his head, but he is still pretty neat - look at how knobbly he is! Maybe he is a toad? I don't know, either way, he is pretty cute :)

Well, that is enough grossness for now, tune in Tuesday for a new piece of jewelry for my NeoAmour collection!


  1. AAAaaaahh! His legs! Look at the moth's giant LEGS!

  2. Meghan, those pictures are awesome! Why are you not a member of the Friday Shoot-Out gang??? I am happy to inaugurate you into the club!

    I quite like bugs - I know, it is weird - but I find them to be quite interesting! I love the pic of the frog (?) on the watering can!

    Happy weekend!

  3. I think they're both really beautiful! That is a huge moth - I wonder what kind it is (we have luna moths here, which are also very large). And the toad is really cute - they are good because they eat a lot of bad insects.

  4. The moth is still on my step as of this morning, only it closed its wings. Yes, the legs are giant and kind freaky with all their hair (apparently there aren't moth razors!). Yikes!

  5. That is one huge moth! Angel and Isabella would love to chase that around! And the toad is cute in a toad kind of way!

  6. Wow - that's a HUGE moth! And it kinda looks like the frog/toad thingy is wearing a hat :)

  7. I think it's a sphinx moth, but if you want to find out for sure, head over to It's great for identifying mystery critters!

  8. She is very cool, I updated her profile, as I found out what she is! See the newer post for the details :)

  9. Neato bug, but I don't think I would have opened the door. Junebugs are not my friends :)



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